Sunday, September 03, 2017

Totes and Stuff

                                                       TOTES AND STUFF:
Sweet Lanette of picked up some more of my crafty items to use in baskets or give as gifts toting other gifts. Lynette endured 5 brain tumors and it was that part of her life that led her on a true angle's path to support others going through brain tumors and surgeries.   I truly love being able to donate some of my items to Lanette.  It gives me great heart blessings to know that some of my craftiness will give blessings to others who are going through more than a rough time.  Just below are coasters, and "Tea Caddy Coasters" which have a little pocket and in the pocket I have slipped a little tea bag.  I am not a hot tea drinker but I do drink Iced Tea almost all day and night.  These little sewn items are great gifts.
 I did 44 totes for Lanette to use.  Here are just a few.  Her icon is a turtle with its tongue sticking out and the saying is "Brain Tumors Stink, That's What We Think".  I found a turtle appliqué and they look very cute on a little tote.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Bibs and Key Chains

Back on sewing full time now.  Here are some more baby bibs and with some cute embroidery patterns added. I have also discovered these cute ribbon wrist key chains.  Now maybe I can use up some of the trays of ribbons.  I ordered the poly webbing and key fobs from Amazon.Prime and now I am ready to make a LOT of the cute and easy to make little key chains.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Baby Bibs

Friends and neighbors are greeting babies in their lives.  Yesterday I sewed up a few baby bibs and they were fun to make.

Friday, June 09, 2017

A Nice and Tidy Cleaned up Craft Room

My craft room is my daily happy place.  One spot sports a bulletin board which is a hot mess of cards and notes, photographs and paper projects.  Here is a tidy photo, but as of right now, it is covered with lapped over items.  A mangled mess but I know where each and every item is, and where they came from and why they are there to make me smile.
One side of my Craft Room is a work station, another side has the delightful machines like Cricut Expression, e-Bosser, metal dies, and tools of the trade while the third table is a delight of sewing machines.  My happy place indeed gives me a day full of creating projects I can share.
It gets a little out of hand after a few hours and I stop, sweep, put everything back in the proper place and then I start all over again.  Recently I really did a full scale tidy-up, putting 3 extra sewing machines in a closet, reorganizing stacks and stashes.  Two years ago I had spent 2 years sewing quilts for the Homeless Veterans in Northern AZ, those precious protectors who were now living in tents in the forest, old cars, or storage sheds.  I made 55 quilts for those souls, I crocheted scarves and afghans to help keep them warm in the winter days of Northern Az.  Then I covered the sewing machines, put away the cloth projects and rolled across the room to the paper side.  I made card after card, creating and happy.  Now I am back to sewing,...totes, purses, cell phone cases, napkins, hanging towels, quilts.  I am happy girl.  Here is my cleaned up Craft Room.

Busy Work

Hi... I keep busy... sewing, making cards, crochet, knit.... It keeps my almost 80-mind alert and busy, and my hands, arthritis or not, create things I can share.  Today my cherished Lanette Veres of Gray Matters picked up her "stash" that SHE will share with friends who are facing some mighty awful health things in their lives.... loved ones with brain tumors, families in stress and fright.  Lynette shines like a bright sun in the lives of those who she surrounds.  Here are some things I gave her to share.  A few crochet lap afghans to comfort those in waiting rooms, to envelope those in hospital beds, some fleece big bibs that help for the bedridden, and lastly trays of giant colorful words of inspiration, signs to hang, bright and cheery die cuts of flowers and hearts, and stars, and things to brighten a life.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Open Cut Cricut Designs

It appears as though I have been sitting by the pool, devouring bonbons but I promise, I work in my craft room every single day, and I create to the hilt.  I made around 200 of the Cricut design Open cut cards and some of them are on my eBay shop.  Here are a few.  Such fun... the Cricut cut makes the card but I find I need to add a little die cut here and there.  

That's the few.  I think they are pretty neat.

Friday, October 21, 2016

More Inspiration for

There are many more words, die cuts and signs.  I am so happy making these, I overloaded the donation.  But these are happy colors and hopefully will give inspiration and support from Lanette when she adds them to any room that has need.


For a while I have been blessed to donate some die cuts and cards and supplies to my cherished friend Lanette Veres who heads up  Lynette has battled many brain tumor surgeries and she has made it her path to help those who will endure such events in their lives.  This woman has a glow around her, and she is loved.  Recently I did a myriad of larger die cuts that she will use to place in hospital rooms or recovery rooms, or homebound patients recovering from brain surgery.  I had a lot of fun making these.  It is a heavy post, so sit down if you have the patience to wander through it all.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Christmas in September

Those of my friends who visit know that each holiday season I make cards for myself and my sweet daughter in law and son.  I love making these cards, and I bounce around from one design to another so I am not flooding the Christmas-Card-Cache with same ole' same ole' stuff.  Here are samples of the cards for my precious ones this 2016 Christmas. 
Lots of Cricut Cartridge Creations goin' on below....
 More more and more... Circuit cuts. (Except for the Merry Christmas cut out which is a Memory Box die cut.  I love this die cut.  In fact, I love Memory Box dies.
 Stockings, and trees and a wreath or two.

Lastly, I made several Hanukkah cards for those friends who celebrate Hanukkah, and I tossed in a few Happy New Year cards as well.

 At the Tuesday Morning shopping visit with my high school friend Barb, I ran across a nice packet of Anna Griffin papers. So pretty in the colors and designs and most of all a nice thick hearty card stock  that makes awesome handmade boxes.

That's it, friends.  Christmas stuff in September. Thanks for your visit. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Slam dunks and a Pretty Box

My dear friend Cathy closed down her scrapbooking room to make room for her real estate career and of all things she gave ME EVERYTHING.  I have spent a few months creating cards and projects using her paper, her sheets and sheets of punch out designs and stickers, words and phrases and all things fun fun fun.  She had a whole drawer full of Christmas dies and designs so I made her a lot of Christmas cards.  Below are a few more "slam dunks" using this n' that stuff from my friend Cathy.  And she will get these, if she wants them.  After all she gave me some fun, I can share what I made. 
She had sheets of stickers with a sports theme.  I think these cards came out nice, and will be fun to send to someone who has a child or grandchild in the sports arena. 

Some Christmas poinsettia punch outs, a little girl's confirmation dress, a colorful BOY piece of paper, a cute sticker sheet featuring a baby girl, a strip containing metal shapes for a baby boy and some flower punches.  Cute cards, I think and sooooooo easy to make.

 Sort of out of line, but I found a few sheets of covered fabric buttons so I made a bunch of flower and mounted them on handmade white boxes.  Cute...

More punches, stickers, strips.  
Same.... punches, stickers, strips. 
Thanks for taking a peek at my fun stuff.