Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drawing Drawing

For now, I have exhausted the little drawings that I found stuffed in a folder.  I have a few that I didn't use, but let us just say I created with the drawings that I was pleased with. 

My friends have seen my frog collection.  I have a giant array of stuffed frogs of all sorts and kinds, not only stuffed but wooden frogs, metal frogs, ceramic frogs, frogs covered with crystals and beads... all a gift from a treasured client not only from my working days but gifted long after I retired.  I love froggies ..and I even embroidered a quilt with frogs...and I am proud to say I won a First Place Blue Ribbon at the County Fair a few years back.... so it is natural I would love to draw a few frogs. 
Here are a few silly froggies. 

A gal loaded up with shopping bags and maybe a plea to a friend to join her.  An ice cream cone and a little fella with his friend Teddy Bear who says "We love you, we do"....

A little flop-eared bunny.  The top says "Happy Bunny Day" and the inside has an Easter sentiment.  A frantic hair-standing-on-end friend who says "I forgot, I forgot".  Inside it says "I am late, I am late, for a very important date.  Happy Birthday".  And a colorful rooster who says "Rise n' Shine, it is a very special day".  I placed a sample of the inside sentiment.

A little red bird who reports someone tattled on someone's birthday.
That's it...until my drawing hand itches to draw once again.  Thanks for taking a peek.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Workin' it Workin' it...

I bought several of the newer Cricut cartridges that cut out the sentiments and designs.  Some are clear in their design, some are not.  Here are a few.  It is fun to back the front of the card with additional cardstock and colors, but it is also nice to leave the front of the card free of backing which leaves a delicate sentiment and design.  The "thank you" card as well as the "merry & Bright" cards have backing on the front, the other two cards are free-cut.

More of the gift bags, such fun to make.  I have so so so much 12x12 paper and it is almost a pressure to use it use it use it up.  That will never happen unless I live until I am 100 and still functional. (that said with a grin). Nonetheless, these little gift bags are fun and easy to make.  I did a tutorial back a few months on how to do these but basically the side sections and bottom sections are scored, then folded over a plastic Cricut cartridge case.  Before I glue the back seams together, I add some of the heavier grey card board for the front back and side seams.  This gives the bag girth.  Then I punch holes on each of the sides, add a ribbon which is anchored inside the seam with a decorative scallop round punch.  Then I add the die cuts.  Cute bags, love making them...

More hand drawn cards.  I draw a master image and then I can make copies, color the images in to make multiple cards. Here is a little ballet girl.  Inside says "Dance your birthday".

A few days ago, whether I could justify it or not, I bought two thick packs of 8x8 card stock in pretty colors. Two of these pages make some pretty awesome boxes. There is a tutorial on box making on this blog, and it could not be easier.  I scored 2 inches on all 4 sides, (that is the lid) and then the bottom of the box is scored at 2 inches PLUS the next little line.  Must be exact or the bottom of the box will tend to fall out of the lid.... cut the scores on both opposing sides.  I put a little sticky dot on the outside corner flap, and then a thin line of glue on the larger flap.  These fold up to make a very nice box.  Add some die cuts.  In the boxes below, those are the delightful Dollar Tree die cuts.

More hand drawn.... little gals, little guys, all dressed up to celebrate July 4th.  A little red glitter added.  I had tons of hand drawn images... frogs, dogs, cats, flowers, bunnies.... just need to get busy and make some cards.
Thanks thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hand Drawn Artsy Cards

I am on a rip... I AM I AM I AM going to clean out stacks of stuff, closets, shelves, tubs.  I am..I promise to me that I will get this done at long last.
In cleaning out one of the boxes that had been stacked under a craft table, I found a folder full of hand drawn images.  At one time I did a lot of hand drawn cards, and I had a lot of fun bringing out my past artsy days.  These were put away, and so the other day I created a few cards from some of the drawn images.  Some are on eBay, some are not.  But here are a few. 
Two little dancing ballerinas.  Embossed mount with ribbons, and the sentiment "Dance" tagged on with a little punch heart.  Inside it says "Celebrate your birthday" tagged on with a little heart. These will be on eBay.

I love drawing cats n' dogs... here is my Fluffy Fido drawing.  Just a Hello card, blank inside. These will be on eBay.

July 4th, Independence Day cards with hand drawn boys and girls.  Here n' there are tiny trails of red glitter to brighten the drawing.  Some will be on eBay.
That's it...I have some more but I need to add a few things to each drawing.  Hope you like my little art drawings....and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

More and More Cut out Cricut Cards

Lots and lots and lots of cut out cards from my recently purchased Cricut cartridges. They are fun to create, ....a simple task of loading the cartridge, loading the paper and mat, select and cut...and then sit while it creates right in front of your eyes. The little side nick allows the perfect score mark to fold the card.  Then one has the choice of leaving the front of the card an open weave-work or placing a same-sized white (or color) backing. And most of the time I add a folded piece of white stationery paper for messaging. I usually emboss the front of each card which gives it a little texture.  Usually I add a little die cut to give the card a little bump up. These cards are fun and most of all allow me to use up the stacks and stashes, piles and shelves full of paper paper paper.  I am on a quest to whittle that down.  I may be 100 but I have a quest.  Please wish me well on the endeavor.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Baby Cards

There are many styles of the cut out designs for baby.  Here are a few.  Sorta cute.I added a small embellishment die cut to enhance the design. 

Cut Out Cards

Recently one of the online vendors that sell Cricut carts had a wonderful sale and I did what I said I would not do.  Buy MORE carts.  These 3 cartridges do the cutout style cards.  Some are great, some are sort of blah because the wording or the design is not that clear.  Nonetheless, these were fun to make.  I found, however, that adding a wee embellishment or die cut enhanced the theme of each card. I have several trays of these designs and I will most certainly add something to each.  
Thanks for taking a peek.  

Deskttop Clutter

Shame on me.  I have accumulated so many "things" on my desktop to share on my blog. Weeks added onto weeks, the desktop is full so here I come.  
I had more fun making these Gift Card Holders.  They are done with the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge, last row.  Perfect size for giving gift cards which nowadays is really the easiest gift to give. That way you are letting the recipient chose what they would like for their gift.  It takes only minutes to make each one.  I punch two holes at the upper flat and lower flap, I thread in a ribbon to the inside, and I cover that with a little scalloped circle punch.  Glue the sides, tie the ribbon and add an embellishment.  Such fun.  Great way to use up the stacks of paper Carole has. (that would be me...!)
Anyway if you are visiting, thank you for taking a peek.  Have a happy day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making Cute Gift Bags

I have so so so much paper and it becomes a challenge to try to use it.  I found that these little gift bags are fun to make using the 12x12 scrapbook papers.  
Here are the main supplies.  Glue (I use my favorite, Art Glitter System), scissors, scotch tape, punch and a form to mold the bag.  For that, I use one of the plastic cases that my Cricut Cartridges  came in.

 I have many many favorite tools and devices.  My favorite scoring tool is the Scor-It board.  I have the large and the smaller one.  For some reason the manufacturer stopped making these boards, sad to say.  I treat mine with great respect, therefore.

To begin, I fold a 12x12 paper in half.  Then I score in 4 places.  The plastic Cricut cartridge case is a perfect size, allows for one fold to lap over the other with sufficient space to tack down and it allows a perfect folding of the bottom of the gift bag. A small box would do nicely as well.  For this size, I score at 2" and 4" inches at both ends. I score along the bottom edge, about 1 to 1/2 inches.  This is the bag's bottom fold line.
Then I lift the top paper layer and put double sided tape in those areas between the score lines.  I run a very small line of glue at all 3 ends, and if necessary, trim away excess uneven edges.

Here I have folded the bag over the cartridge case.  I use double sided scotch tape to secure the two edges, and then I run a thin line of glue on the very edge.  I make sure that the edge of the paper is nicely trimmed and even.
 Now it is time to fold the bottom of the bag so I scoot the folded paper down to the end of the cartridge case so that the bottom edge is perfectly even with the scored line.  This is an easy process, just like wrapping a package.  I trim the edges to have a clean fold. I slip a little pin point of glue on the folded inside edges, I put a small piece of tape on the inside corner of the first fold .  This part is folded in first, and that small bit of tape secures those ends.   The second and final fold is done the same way with the tape on the outside folds but now you can lay a thin line of glue on the very edge.  Once folded in, the bottom and inside of the bag is nice and tidy.

I use a small hole punch for the sides of the bag.  I slip in a ribbon end, probably about 10 to 12 inches long, and I glue the ribbon on the inside of the bag and cover with a circle punch.  You can put a circle punch on the outside as well.

The bag is completed and I have added some cute little baby embellishments.
 Samples.  With each change of paper, it is like making a bag for the first time.  Every paper choice gives a different design, and the embellishments and die cuts are the final design.

I can make so many bags in a short time.  Hope I have inspired you to do so as well. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gift Card Holders

Gift Card Holders
I have so much fun making these little Gift Card holders.  I used the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge.  I love using the various card stock  paper designs, and for those done in solid colors, it is fun to add some embellishments to doll them up.  Such fun...and useful too for those of us that give gift cards for presents.  Thanks for taking a peek. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Calorie Free Birthday Cake

Calorie Free (Paper) Birthday Cake.
I LOVE making these.  It is a simple little box with a clear lid, and inside is a layered paper (calorie free, of course) birthday cake. So fun, so easy to make.  The box is cut with two 5x5 cardstock, and I use one of my Nestabilities to center the opening and cut on the Cuttlebug.  Then I cut a square of clear Transparent Film For Laser Printers to tape on the underside for a clear view of the cute cake. A few years back I did a blog tutorial for making boxes.  They are simple, fun.  The cake is created using two sizes of punches, and I cut two of each size.  One for the top, one for the underside, glued together to match all the little scallops, and I embossed each layer.  The center of the cake is made using the plastic scotch tape roll and covered with a strip of paper... your choice of patterns or colors.  It is tricky to get the plastic scotch tape circle glued to each side of the two layers but it eventually works.  Then I take the glitter glue and squeeze little strips of the glue to secure the plastic circle to the scalloped bottom and lid.  Once dried, then the decorating begins and that is a wide choice of decorations.  Anything goes... I selected pearls on the pink cake and a ribbon on the lid, while the blue has some cute little flowers I bought on a pack at Michaels.  I have all colors and love these little decorations.  Inside the box is a sentiment "Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your birthday with a calorie free birthday cake". 

Thanks for taking a peek at my fun little paper cake.  Have a happy week.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tags, Tags Tags You're It...

Tags and more tags.  My friend Cathy gave me some awesome papers and embellishments.  I found a page full of acrylic stickers so I made some tags using those.  I found a page full of metal embellishments and so those had to be tags as well.  These are designed to be a slip in tag so no strings are attached but could be.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

An Eye Full...

In August and October I had cataract surgery, and for the first time in MANY years I am able to wear single lens glasses instead of trifocals.  The gal at Nationwide Vision helped me pick out two pair of new glasses and when I put them on, I can see like Superwoman.  She was so helpful, so courteous, I wanted to make her a little sampan-sumpin so I came up with a set of cards with a pair of eyeglasses as the feature. She loved 'em.  
Happy Thanksgiving.  I am enjoying a cherished visit from my son and daughter in law and their sweet dog Daisy. Riley is residing in the front bedroom, all decked out with his Cat quilt, litter box, water and food bowls and many visits from us.  He doesn't like dogs so for right now, Daisy is the guest with free roam of the house and yard.  Porch cats are on alert, they laze around but when that door opens, he are off to the highest fence. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Creating Galore

I have been creating like a mad scientist.  So many cards, so many pretty handmade boxes, and while I was on my creative journey, I found a box of the black and white journal notebooks that I love to cover ...  here are five.  Simple but fun to make, and really pretty to use.  I bet some of my friends will love these.  
I closed my initial Etsy shop a few years back that featured die cuts, die cuts.  When I realized the extend of my creativity wanderings and how quickly "stuff" piled up, I opened a second shop ..and sadly it sat unused from 2012 until now.  I have opened the shop up with scads of die cuts and card packs.  A great place to shove my stuff that normally would sit around.  I had my first sale a week after I opened so I hope this is a sign of sales to come.  Wish me well.  Should you like to see my "stuff" on Etsy, take a peek here. 

Thanks for your visit.  I appreciate you.