Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pigeons, Pigeons and MORE

 One morning I awakened to the sounds of "cooing" coming from my front porch.  I found two pigeons nesting at the top of the porch post.  They seemed to have found a home.  When I was having the laundry room and pantry remodeled, one of the guys doing the sheetrocking raises Egyptian pigeons.  He looked at the top of the post and said "there are eggs, you better get rid of those or you will have pigeons forever, she will just keep laying". He wouldn't do the task, and I tried but simply could not destroy those eggs. Little did I know what a nightmare this was going to turn into.  First I noticed that I hadn't seen "baby pigeons".  Now I know why. They do not leave "the nest" until they are seemingly full grown. And Jess was correct because these two parent pigeons went from porch spot to porch spot until all 4 corners now had 2 pigeons per spot and two crammed in parents.  I can tell you that I had to go out on my front porch 4 times a day to wash down the sidewalk which was now the landing strip for pigeon poop, not to mention the evidence trailing down from the top of the post.  The racket these birds made was not fun.  I would turn on the hose and spray them away, but as soon as I was back in my house, back they came, babies and all.

..Until my wonderful contractor could get over to solve this issue, I crammed the areas with pots and bricks and thought "well, that's that, no more pigeons". Wrong.  I found atop the bricks two scrunched down parents ready to nest on those bricks again.

 Finally Rodney arrived and he spent hours creating a perfectly sized platform with long spikes nailed in one inch apart.  $135 later, I clapped my hands and said "well, that's that, no more pigeons". Wrong..  
                   The next morning at 5AM I heard familiar cooing.  I absolutely could not tell you the shock to find 3 pigeons nesting on the sharp spikes, their legs hanging down between the rows of nails.  I grabbed the hose.  This was not a fun spray because the pigeons had no surface to launch from so they were wildly flapping wings. Eventually two were able to leave the area and one remained.  I was horrified to think that the pigeon was.... ewwww....impaled on the nail and I, who could not destroy the baby eggs, had to peel him from the nail.  But finally he lifted off and flew away from the water spray.    
.  Back came Rodney and he constructed a heavy wire "cage" from platform to ceiling, securing it so it was at long last pigeon proof.  We did laugh and say we hoped there were no pigeon wire cutters available to them.  .

That's my Pigeon Adventure, and I could have done without the experience.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE.

I love having a birthday.  I am cherished by so many and I always feel the blessing to be "here in the now" of life. I have many friends that are not here and I am always ever so cognizant of that.... So today I wish me a Happy 76th birthday.  Here are some of my precious cards conveying wonderful birthday wishes....

 My friend, a bloggy friend, a design team friend Sandi Kelly worked her magic for my celebration.  Her concepts of art and design, techniques and delights are a wonder to receive. This is a box carrying some pretty little colored chalks. Just look at that beautiful flower...!!!
 I yelped out loud with glee at my "wand".  It carries very special charms that Sandi took great care in searching for ... She knows how I love to sew....The top of the wand has a bobbin,  From this bobbin hangs the most delightful Carole-things: A pair of scissors, a button and a ruler and as I surveyed these delights, I yelped in glee once more when I discovered she had put upon the wand a little frog.  Everyone knows how Carole loves her froggies.
 This highlights a chalkboard...and a delightful little birthday message from Sandi.
 This is a Tea Light Shoji.. a mirror to set upon a small bulb light which is surrounded with a wonderfully colored screen that Sandi has stamped with a flower, a sewing machine, the message to "keep calm and stitch on".
Aren't I special?....  Thanks for your visit. You have a happy happy day.  Today I am being wined and dined by my former workmates, tomorrow and the next day are two more special lunches.  Ah the life of a 76 year old chica.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Punch Out & Stack 'em

When we friends do "Card Over" we exchange gifties.  My friend Kris Lancaster gave me a package that contained sheets of punch out flower designs in dimension form, and sheets of silky pattern papers in 8-1/2x11 size.  Waste not, I say, so after I punched out the most beautful flowers, I cut down the papers for card mounting.  Here is the result.  Some of the designs have a metalic bordering, and with the papers being silky, I caught a shine on my photo shoot.  Nonetheless, I hope you can see what delicate cards this package allowed me to create.  I made 18 cards total from the package and these will be given to my dear friend Adi.  She is a high school friend, and so cherished. I stamped off some sentiments on separate mounts and I will include a roll of double-sided tape so that she can include a sentiment inside if she desires. 

 This card I featured so that the 4 layers can be seen.  Two of the cards have 5 diminishing design layers.  I used the thin very small square pop dots that I use with Card Candy because of the multiple layering.  No doubt the mailings will cost more because of the "bulk" but I don't think Adi will mind.
Happy Tuesday, my sweet visitors.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Families of AZ cards

Slam Dunkin'  for a Cause
I counted 74 cards that I was able to do for The First Families of Arizona.   They have been checked over, a few things added and they are now ready for delivery .  All the cards I used to do for BBTB/BBTB2 design team were mostly blank inside since I was designing for a challenge and the attention was basically to the front of each card... each of these cards have a printed sentiment inside to cover the 3 different themes of Thinking of You, Get Well and Sympathy.... I had a lot of fun making these cards.  There are a just a few that are duplicates.  But oh isn't it fun to slam dunk, use what you want and have a total free-for-all on the designs?... my kinda card-makin'...!!!

Thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Card Over 2013/Tucson


I wait all year for this wonderful gathering of my cherished friends.  This year we missed having Pat join our group as she had commitments at home. This was our 6th Card camp.  I used to take gifties of papers and embellishments but a few years back I switched to taking some sewing projects.  Last July I took down to Tucson towel wraps for each to use for showers or swimming pool.  When the gals came up in February to my house, I made each of them a sweat shirt jacket.  This year I made totes with embroidery panels featuring our gathering. 

Deb, creating away. Deb filled her green tote with many wonderful cards. 

 This is Kris.  Kris is a published card maker and we watched her create some wonderful cards to submit.

Sandy....hostess this year. A lovely hostess indeed.  The gals all plan meals to share and they were wonderful.  

and finally, me.  This was taken on Sunday as I am packed and ready to head back to glendale. Tired looking aren't I?.... The drive to Tucson from my house is only 2 hours 38 minutes but I always stress driving that I-10 for fear that some errant dust storm is going to barrel down upon us travelers.  I start the "fret zone" before I even leave for Tucson, and it returns just moments before I hit the road to return home.  All was well, as usual so I fret for naught.  

This is Buddy.  A cute cute cute Cocker Spaniel.  I can't keep my hands off this guy.  Here he is, bringing the morning paper to papa.  

 I can sometimes slam together 80-90 cards at my Card Overs. This year I decided to work on cards for The First Families of Arizona, a donation I do for some really awesome pioneer families.  To be a member one has to have been here before Arizona's statehood....February 14, 1912.  My mother came to Phoenix in 1909 at the age of 9 mos. old.  I love making cards for their "social committee" for Thinking of You, Get Well and Sympathy.

Thanks for your visit.  I am ashamed that I neglect my sweet blog so.