Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Embroidery Lounge

Today I am lounging around my wonderful Brother Innovis 2500 Embroidery Machine that gives me so much joy in the creations I can do.  My friend has a little precious granddaughter who is turning one year old.  She sews like I do I thought it would be a lot of fun to create some embroidery panels for her to sew up some sweet little totes, bibs, pillows.  
She calls this precious granddaughter "Tylar Bee" so there is a color scheme going on of yellow and black and white.  I incorporated that into some of the designs.  
This is a Happy Birthday Panel.  Might make a cute little pillow. 
 Oh this is a pillow for sure.  A heart shaped pillow with a heart shaped design.
 This would be cute on a little bib, doncha think?
 A tote?

This is my favorite embroidery design.  

 Another Happy Birthday design.  Maybe a second pillow?
Now you know I am not lazing around.  I am lounging near my lovely sewing machines.
Have a happy day.  It's very hot here in AZ.  We had a 121 temp in some areas yesterday and when I stepped outside, I could almost attest that was the temp here as well.  I am sticking inside.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tote it all...

eful in neglecting my blog.... I am busy, I really am.  I sew constantly and have special orders for this n' that, but somehow I don't get the things onto the blog...So.... with that said, my long time friend from the 1950s had a birthday.  I made her a little tote which featured 4 different designs of pink fabrics. .... It was fun to sew and she was pleased.  I make a LOT of totes.  They are so easy to sew up, use not a lot of fabrics and I love the way I can mess around with the designs so each is a bit different than the other.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Journal Journal, Write it Down...

Recently a cherished high school friend asked if would do some handmade journals for her grandchildren.  Time past I would have hauled out my wonderful Zutter Binding Machine, the wire binders and create a totally handmade journal.  Now I use those premade black and white school journals.  Add some paper (6-1/2x9-3/4) on the front, back and inside cover, toss on a few embellishments  and a pretty cute journal is ready. 
This one was for Aliyah who someday wants to be a Florist. 
 Ari is a good student, she helps out with meals and she loves to read.
 Caleb loves to read, and he plays the piano and guitar.
 Josh wants to be a pilot.
Simple stuff but fun to make.  Today I put away all of the paper crafts for now and I headed to the sewing machines.  In July I go down to Tucson for the annual Card Over and I need to make some gifties.
Thanks for stopping in.  Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Slam Dunkem #40

Happy Sunday from hot Glendale, AZ.  It's only 99 right now but they tell us it will climb to about 108 degrees today.  Our reprieve is over, and summer is here.

I worked on about 30 cards for First Families of Arizona for their social committee to mail.  I love doing these gifts from  my heart, and when one of the members receives one of my cards, I hope they smile.  I am still slam dunking cards, using up the trays and box lids that gather left over papers and embellishments and sentiments.  Here are just a few, but I think I've made about 100 at least just in the last week.  Slam dunks are easy.  I like the little chick and birthday cake shaped cards which were cut from Birthday Bash.  

that's it for now.... just loading these up so you know I am still around and doing something creative.  Have a great week.