Sunday, June 29, 2014

Card Camp,June 2014

Our Tucson Card Camp didn't happen this year but Pat invited 3 of us to her house for a fun packed 2 day card-making creative adventure.  Great food, some pretty wonderful projects were created, lots of laughs.  
Here is a photo of the 4 of us.  Pat is sitting at the head of the table as Hostess, and there you see me, Judy and Lois. (Lois looks like Queen Elizabeth, I swear she does). 
 Judy, creating at the e-Bosser machine.
 Lois.  She mad the prettiest cards..... She was a former banking gal so she and I had lots of fun talking about our banking days.
 Pat... the Hostess who worked very hard to make our 2 days wonderful.

I simply had to take a picture of this card that Pat made.  She made that paper using Washi Tape, rubs on and then she added that cutie-pie ghostie.  I love this card....  Pat's cards are absolutely wonderful.
I didn't do my usual bevy of cards this year.  On Friday I did card kits for the granddaughter of my high school friend.  The little gal wants to get into making cards so now she has a full blown kit to start with.  I used to teach so I have triple of everything so a lot of "stuff" got tossed into the kit which has a LOT of folded cards, some pattern paper cuts, a trimmer, scissors, tapes and 15 envelopes containing some stamped images and a lot of sentiments...I had fun doing this, and   I think she will be very happy.  Sat. I worked on some birthday party decorations featuring a dog which is the party theme the little 9 year old granddaughter picked.  I didn't take pictures but I made some big dog faces from Celebrations cart, and I did a banner from the same cart with the dog face. Turned out cute... and then I did some slam dunk cards using the punch out designs from kits.  Easy peasy.
Have a wonderful week...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fancy Hanger Covers

My friend Judi featured one of these on one of her pages and I knew I had to try to make one...or two.  These are hanger covers, and I see them decorating a hanger that has a very special gown or dress on it.  The first one has a very fancy Victorian initial for B in pink... and the end has a delicate lace. 

 This hanger cover in white has a very pretty sew on lace decoration, and the end has the same delicate lace.  I just think these are very pretty and I wanted to share them on my blog.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Homeless Vet Quilts

Heavy post Warning...
I finally have a nice load of quilts ready to be delivered to the U. S. Vet services in Prescott, AZ to be donated to the homeless vets living in the forest, in their cars.  It's a sad state, and I am blessed to be able to give a little comfort along the way.  I sit and sew almost all day every day.  I love my craft room, and I love my sewing machines and I love the set up workstation.  However when I am sewing so long, I aggrivate my shoulders by sitting arms raised up to the sewing machine plate and juggling around the quilt as it grows.  I bought a new machine which I love and I purchased an Acrylic Sewing Stand which allows a bigger plate for the quilt to sit on as I sew.  My handyman Rodney came over and added a plank of wood to a small computer desk and he screwed the wood to the desk to make it very sturdy.  Sewing at this lower level is much easier on little ole' me.  

 My boss Gay has a new niece.  I made a second Zoo Face applique embroidery quilt for Gay to give to her new niece...
 Made some cute bibs to go with the quilt.
 Okay, here are the quilts going to the vets. This is a photo of the 9 stacked quilts, and I tossed in 2 crochet afghans as well.
 quilts in blues....
 Quilts in browns
 Colored blocks...
 Triangle quilt
 Square blocks... pretty colors...
 Yvonne has 3 quilts left to longarm, and this shows the quilts on hangers that are  "in the hopper" that I will keep sewing on until they have grown to adult size quilts.
I love sewing.  Can you tell?