Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fancy Hanger Covers

My friend Judi featured one of these on one of her pages and I knew I had to try to make one...or two.  These are hanger covers, and I see them decorating a hanger that has a very special gown or dress on it.  The first one has a very fancy Victorian initial for B in pink... and the end has a delicate lace. 

 This hanger cover in white has a very pretty sew on lace decoration, and the end has the same delicate lace.  I just think these are very pretty and I wanted to share them on my blog.


Stephanie said...

Carole, these are gorgeous and so dainty. You do such beautiful work. These would make elegant bridal shower gifts.

Susan Edwards said...

Carole, THANK YOU so much for making something so special, so beautiful, and so thoughtful for Bethany. I cannot wait for her to open it when it arrives. You are the BEST!! Hugs,

1CardCreator said...

These are gorgeous Carole, they would make beautiful bridal gifts. ~Diane
PS, sorry I owe you an email response. Elizabeth drove up to see us and spent the week with us so I have not been around. I will catch up soon. ~Diane

Sandi said...

wooozers, these are FAB, hugs