Monday, April 22, 2013

Slam Dunk 'em

I still had trays of prefolded cardstock, trays of embellishments and trays of stamped and printed sentiments.  That alone always seems to fling me into a stressful state because I feel like I should be using everything.  So, with that said, here is my latest "slam dunk adventure"... The cards are put together as usual by grabbing up and assembling.  I like to share my slam dunks and I know there will be some takers one day.  Meantime the aforementioned trays are just about empty and that makes Carole a happy crafter-girl.  

Thanks for visiting. Hugs to ya all...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fishy stuff....

I cannot seem to wander off from my paper crafts to get back to sewing.  My mind floods with ideas, and gifties I need to make for friends.  AND I had a little idea to surprise the local fish restaurant.  We have a wonderful Fish n' Chips restaurant called Pete's that has been around for years and years.  It is awesome food, and without a doubt the best red sauce I've ever had  I made these little tags to hand to the gal in the drive-in window next time I pick up an order of Shrimp n' chips.  Not sure what they will do with these, but hopefully they will say "oh how cute"....  I figure everyone ought to have a hanging tag that says they eat at Pete's. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Card Orders...

A friend I hadn't heard from in a while popped up, and I was so delighted to hear from her.  And she's ordered about 36 cards for herself and 2 other friends.  I was able to pull up the 14 birthday cards out of my stash but I had to create the Get Well and Thinking of You cards.  They went together fairly quick and now I am free to start my sewing tomorrow. 

Thanks for taking a look at my cards.