Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fabrics and Papers

First, paper stuff.... I am always lending my ear to something I can make to share with a person, a company, a worthy cause.  In the below photo, you will see some bookmarks.  These are made for the Pioneers' Cemetary Association.  This area in downtown Phoenix goes back to 1854, and is located in one of the old homes of a prominent pioneer family, the Smurthwaite Family.  Initially I offered up some tags (like the tombstone shown on the bookmark).  However, after some good thought of the matter, a bookmark will be a better memento of a visit to the building and area.

Can I just admit that I am truly addicted to making these fast n' easy Zipper pouches?.... I have a zipper purse that I make totally in my embroidery machine, size 5x7 and a dinky little coin purse 4x4 in size.  Here is a sampling of those creations.
Made at my sewing machine, these little zipper darlings are fast and easy and oh so much fun.  I can use up scraps of fabrics and each one is fun to make.

Ah totes.... Carole is the Tote Queen.  I love making them, and with each change of fabric, it is like making one for the first time.  These particular totes were padded, quilted, and made in the boxed corner process so there is a little more room to shove "stuff" into them.
That wraps up my fun for a few days.  Now onto other sewing.  You all have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My high school friend Nancy gives me some beautiful fabrics.  This little stack of creations happened to be cut up triangles.  I sewed them together, then made blocks and once cut, they created placemats, a table runner and even a little pillow.  I knew that I was not going to sit and match all those seams so I call this "jumbles".  Aptly named, donchathink?
It is going to be in the high 80s this week and even a hint of 90 by Friday.  Stand aside, here it comes....Summer in AZ.  We hardly had a winter and while it was warm here, I watched in dismay to see the awful conditions that many states were enduring with epic snow storms.
Thanks for visiting ...have a happy week.