Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making Cute Gift Bags

I have so so so much paper and it becomes a challenge to try to use it.  I found that these little gift bags are fun to make using the 12x12 scrapbook papers.  
Here are the main supplies.  Glue (I use my favorite, Art Glitter System), scissors, scotch tape, punch and a form to mold the bag.  For that, I use one of the plastic cases that my Cricut Cartridges  came in.

 I have many many favorite tools and devices.  My favorite scoring tool is the Scor-It board.  I have the large and the smaller one.  For some reason the manufacturer stopped making these boards, sad to say.  I treat mine with great respect, therefore.

To begin, I fold a 12x12 paper in half.  Then I score in 4 places.  The plastic Cricut cartridge case is a perfect size, allows for one fold to lap over the other with sufficient space to tack down and it allows a perfect folding of the bottom of the gift bag. A small box would do nicely as well.  For this size, I score at 2" and 4" inches at both ends. I score along the bottom edge, about 1 to 1/2 inches.  This is the bag's bottom fold line.
Then I lift the top paper layer and put double sided tape in those areas between the score lines.  I run a very small line of glue at all 3 ends, and if necessary, trim away excess uneven edges.

Here I have folded the bag over the cartridge case.  I use double sided scotch tape to secure the two edges, and then I run a thin line of glue on the very edge.  I make sure that the edge of the paper is nicely trimmed and even.
 Now it is time to fold the bottom of the bag so I scoot the folded paper down to the end of the cartridge case so that the bottom edge is perfectly even with the scored line.  This is an easy process, just like wrapping a package.  I trim the edges to have a clean fold. I slip a little pin point of glue on the folded inside edges, I put a small piece of tape on the inside corner of the first fold .  This part is folded in first, and that small bit of tape secures those ends.   The second and final fold is done the same way with the tape on the outside folds but now you can lay a thin line of glue on the very edge.  Once folded in, the bottom and inside of the bag is nice and tidy.

I use a small hole punch for the sides of the bag.  I slip in a ribbon end, probably about 10 to 12 inches long, and I glue the ribbon on the inside of the bag and cover with a circle punch.  You can put a circle punch on the outside as well.

The bag is completed and I have added some cute little baby embellishments.
 Samples.  With each change of paper, it is like making a bag for the first time.  Every paper choice gives a different design, and the embellishments and die cuts are the final design.

I can make so many bags in a short time.  Hope I have inspired you to do so as well.