Saturday, February 28, 2015

More quilts for the homeless veterans in Prescott.  I love being able to sew up a quilt using snippets and scraps and end up with something that hopefully will keep a warrior warm. 
This quilt is a sort of log cabin design, just sewing strips onto strips as I sew around the center square. 

 This is the strip sewing method and it is amazing how quickly a quilt can be put together.  Sew and sew fold and sew, fold and sew and pretty soon, you have a nice big square quilt top.  Kuddos and many thanks to my friend Yvonne who takes the 3 layers and does the final longarm quilting on each quilt.

 Strips and strips, sew and sew.

 This was a fun quick quilt.  I had large enough scraps to use my Accu-Go and cut squares.

More strips.  Colorful end results. 

Thanks for taking a peek.  About March 11 I will wander into some card making.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sewing and Crochet Stuff

 A bevy of colorful totes and purses.  Vibrant fabrics sewn in strips and then cut down for assembly.  I love these colors.
 Same fabrics but smaller pieces that make perfect placemats.  I never toss even the smallest fabric snippet.
 Zipper purses in pretty fabrics.  Ahhh the colors inspire me.
 Bright and colorful
 afghans I crocheted.  These
will go to the veterans in Prescott.
Another bright creation.