Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunshine Tote

This pretty bright yellow tote with accessory pouches has sweet colorful butterflies all over it...but the brightness calls me to name it Sunshine Tote.  I love the mixture of the fabrics and I had a fun time making it.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sewing Bash

Red White and Blue Flag Quilt as you go... so easy to sew and assemble.  My daughter in law has a birthday July 4th.  Waddaya think?
 Dresden blocks.... By the time I finished the 4, I decided it was enough so this is a quick put together Quilt as you go quilt.  Pretty colors anyway...
 Another quick sewing project...quilt as you go patchwork blocks.
 I made this for a friend who said she would like a purse in black and white fabrics.  I had the array of fabrics and always the aim to please. She was pleased...  I added some zipper pouches and a tissue cozy as well.

 This is a cutie... I used Lorelei's fabric with her cute cute gals... I gave this purse to another friend.
 I was routing around through some fabric drawers and I found 4 little preprinted panels... so this was a quick Quilt as you go project.  And colorful too, doncha think?
 Quilt as you go... little blocks with pretty rust fabric ...
 Stacks of totes... Fun to make, quick to sew and such a nice fun gift to give.
 This is a vet quilt, quilt as you go.
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