Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunshine Tote

This pretty bright yellow tote with accessory pouches has sweet colorful butterflies all over it...but the brightness calls me to name it Sunshine Tote.  I love the mixture of the fabrics and I had a fun time making it.  


Stephanie said...

Hi, Carole, This set is so happy! This will surely make someone smile! Love it! Hope you are feeling well. I know if you're sewing that makes everything better.
How was your visit with your son and DIL? I hope it was spectacular. They have such a great mom.
We are still doing baseball. My 11 year old grandson is on an All-Star team and they have won the last 2 games. We are really baseballed out but Cade got the game ball last night and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. So we play one more game, unless we win it. Then we play the same team for championship. So after more than 30 games, there really is an end to this tunnel. lol
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Sandi said...

woozers I Love you blend of fabrics and pattern, makes me smile, hugs

Brenda said...

Hi Carole, I am late to the party but here non the less. lol OMGosh Carole, this is beautiful!!! I love the name you have given it because it certainly will bring lots of sunshine to whomever gets it! You used beautiful fabrics and I am totally in love with them. Gosh, you just never ceased to amaze me with your talents. Sure wish I lived close to you to learn from you. I hope the visit with the kids went well. I know you enjoyed them! Hugs, Brenda