Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sewing Totes


I love sewing totes with bits of remnant fabrics or those fabrics that just simply yell out at me "make me into a tote". That bellering held true with the red white and blue fabrics. I bought a little fabric pack at Michaels with the R/W/B fabric choices and what fun it was to whack off 4 inch strips and sew them together in a pretty Independance Day kinda tote to carry. I get a little overwhelmed working on the many quilts so taking a break and sewing a fun project is always a great get-a-way for a while.
Anyway, I uploaded the new totes for a looksee so thanks to any visitors who happenstance by my poor neglected blog.
Have a great week coming up.


Stephanie said...

Hi, Carole,
looks like you're feeling pretty sassy. These are so pretty. I love the mix of patterns and your color combos. All of your creations are one-of-a-kind and fabulous.
I can tell making these make you happy. Just looking at the fabric makes me feel good. Is there a such thing as "happy" fabric? haha
I truly hope you are feeling better, leg wise. I know that is something that will not go away but I hope it's as good as can be.
I just read an email about Happy Stampers so you must be the "happy stitcher". haha
Stay cool, my friend, and enjoy your week. Love seeing your beautiful creations.
Hugs, Steph

Sandi said...

oh how sweet are these? As always you have been busy, yes, stay cool; hugs