Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quilts and stuff

Another Wedding Pillow made for my niece's daughter and her intended.  

 My high school friend Lavonne has a darling little Yorkie.  I made him two little bitty quilts with Lorelie fabrics..
 Here are Jackson's very own Quilt labels.
 A quilt in blue squares for the Homeless Veteran Project I am honored to donate to.
 Another Veteran Quilt
 One more for the Vets. wild colors and shapes .... but they do not care.
 A little batch of Tissue Cozies.  Love making these.


Brenda said...

Wow Carol, the wedding pillow is beautiful! I love the doggy quilts, how cute and lucky for that doggy!! lol The quilts for the veterans are just beautiful, even the wild colored one and your tissue cozy's are perfect to carry in the purse. You have been a very busy lady!!! But I know everyone adores your sewing projects, with me being one of them! Hugs, Brenda

Stephanie said...

Lady, you are just special! I love the pretty wedding pillow. They will too, something to always keep. And what a special little dog. He/she is so lucky to have a creation from you. The vet quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Love the patterns and colors. I bet everyone who uses one of your creations, from quilts to totes to tissue holders, thinks of you each time they are used. I know I do.
Hope things are going well for you. Enjoy your weekend, Happy Stitcher.
Hugs, Stephanie

Sandi said...

Carole, what a special pillow to be cherished. and oh my the quilts, hope you are staying cool, geeze what a summer, hugs, hugs