Sunday, July 31, 2016

Notes & Weddings

Oh so oh so simple note pads from Dollar Tree.  For a buck you get a pad of about 5 or 6 little lined, colorful note pads.  Some of these have a folded down cover and some are as simple as folding card stock for an A2 size greeting card.  Add a little die cut and mount, maybe some buttons, flowers, fold over or down and you have a quick gift. 

 A few Wedding themed cards.  There are 3 different styles of the Mr. & Mrs. cards.  The top blue card has the die cut Mr. and Mrs. dropped off the top layer of the card, while the lower Mr. and Mrs. has the die cut on the front of the card.  The third Mr. and Mrs. card was a cut out, leaving a view of the inside sentiment.  Lets not forget that cute pink dress with the blue ribbon.

That's all folks. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drawing Drawing

For now, I have exhausted the little drawings that I found stuffed in a folder.  I have a few that I didn't use, but let us just say I created with the drawings that I was pleased with. 

My friends have seen my frog collection.  I have a giant array of stuffed frogs of all sorts and kinds, not only stuffed but wooden frogs, metal frogs, ceramic frogs, frogs covered with crystals and beads... all a gift from a treasured client not only from my working days but gifted long after I retired.  I love froggies ..and I even embroidered a quilt with frogs...and I am proud to say I won a First Place Blue Ribbon at the County Fair a few years back.... so it is natural I would love to draw a few frogs. 
Here are a few silly froggies. 

A gal loaded up with shopping bags and maybe a plea to a friend to join her.  An ice cream cone and a little fella with his friend Teddy Bear who says "We love you, we do"....

A little flop-eared bunny.  The top says "Happy Bunny Day" and the inside has an Easter sentiment.  A frantic hair-standing-on-end friend who says "I forgot, I forgot".  Inside it says "I am late, I am late, for a very important date.  Happy Birthday".  And a colorful rooster who says "Rise n' Shine, it is a very special day".  I placed a sample of the inside sentiment.

A little red bird who reports someone tattled on someone's birthday.
That's it...until my drawing hand itches to draw once again.  Thanks for taking a peek.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Workin' it Workin' it...

I bought several of the newer Cricut cartridges that cut out the sentiments and designs.  Some are clear in their design, some are not.  Here are a few.  It is fun to back the front of the card with additional cardstock and colors, but it is also nice to leave the front of the card free of backing which leaves a delicate sentiment and design.  The "thank you" card as well as the "merry & Bright" cards have backing on the front, the other two cards are free-cut.

More of the gift bags, such fun to make.  I have so so so much 12x12 paper and it is almost a pressure to use it use it use it up.  That will never happen unless I live until I am 100 and still functional. (that said with a grin). Nonetheless, these little gift bags are fun and easy to make.  I did a tutorial back a few months on how to do these but basically the side sections and bottom sections are scored, then folded over a plastic Cricut cartridge case.  Before I glue the back seams together, I add some of the heavier grey card board for the front back and side seams.  This gives the bag girth.  Then I punch holes on each of the sides, add a ribbon which is anchored inside the seam with a decorative scallop round punch.  Then I add the die cuts.  Cute bags, love making them...

More hand drawn cards.  I draw a master image and then I can make copies, color the images in to make multiple cards. Here is a little ballet girl.  Inside says "Dance your birthday".

A few days ago, whether I could justify it or not, I bought two thick packs of 8x8 card stock in pretty colors. Two of these pages make some pretty awesome boxes. There is a tutorial on box making on this blog, and it could not be easier.  I scored 2 inches on all 4 sides, (that is the lid) and then the bottom of the box is scored at 2 inches PLUS the next little line.  Must be exact or the bottom of the box will tend to fall out of the lid.... cut the scores on both opposing sides.  I put a little sticky dot on the outside corner flap, and then a thin line of glue on the larger flap.  These fold up to make a very nice box.  Add some die cuts.  In the boxes below, those are the delightful Dollar Tree die cuts.

More hand drawn.... little gals, little guys, all dressed up to celebrate July 4th.  A little red glitter added.  I had tons of hand drawn images... frogs, dogs, cats, flowers, bunnies.... just need to get busy and make some cards.
Thanks thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hand Drawn Artsy Cards

I am on a rip... I AM I AM I AM going to clean out stacks of stuff, closets, shelves, tubs.  I am..I promise to me that I will get this done at long last.
In cleaning out one of the boxes that had been stacked under a craft table, I found a folder full of hand drawn images.  At one time I did a lot of hand drawn cards, and I had a lot of fun bringing out my past artsy days.  These were put away, and so the other day I created a few cards from some of the drawn images.  Some are on eBay, some are not.  But here are a few. 
Two little dancing ballerinas.  Embossed mount with ribbons, and the sentiment "Dance" tagged on with a little punch heart.  Inside it says "Celebrate your birthday" tagged on with a little heart. These will be on eBay.

I love drawing cats n' dogs... here is my Fluffy Fido drawing.  Just a Hello card, blank inside. These will be on eBay.

July 4th, Independence Day cards with hand drawn boys and girls.  Here n' there are tiny trails of red glitter to brighten the drawing.  Some will be on eBay.
That's it...I have some more but I need to add a few things to each drawing.  Hope you like my little art drawings....and thanks for stopping by.