Monday, July 18, 2016

Hand Drawn Artsy Cards

I am on a rip... I AM I AM I AM going to clean out stacks of stuff, closets, shelves, tubs.  I am..I promise to me that I will get this done at long last.
In cleaning out one of the boxes that had been stacked under a craft table, I found a folder full of hand drawn images.  At one time I did a lot of hand drawn cards, and I had a lot of fun bringing out my past artsy days.  These were put away, and so the other day I created a few cards from some of the drawn images.  Some are on eBay, some are not.  But here are a few. 
Two little dancing ballerinas.  Embossed mount with ribbons, and the sentiment "Dance" tagged on with a little punch heart.  Inside it says "Celebrate your birthday" tagged on with a little heart. These will be on eBay.

I love drawing cats n' dogs... here is my Fluffy Fido drawing.  Just a Hello card, blank inside. These will be on eBay.

July 4th, Independence Day cards with hand drawn boys and girls.  Here n' there are tiny trails of red glitter to brighten the drawing.  Some will be on eBay.
That's it...I have some more but I need to add a few things to each drawing.  Hope you like my little art drawings....and thanks for stopping by.


Stephanie said...

Carole, I just spent about 10 minutes writing to you and my computer started acting up and kicked me off. I love your drawings. I did not know you could draw too. You are so talented. These are so special. I hope you are having a good summer. I know it's very hot in your neck of the woods. Our temps aren't as high but our heat index makes it bad. Hope you aren't feeling too bad. Heat doesn't help anything.
I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Brenda said...

Your talent amazes me Carole! I wish I could drawl like that!! Love all your drawings and cards you made with them. They look fabulous!!! Your talents are limitless! Sorry I'm behind in my's summer and I spend a lot of time outside by the pool with friends. Old man winter will be here way before I'm ready and I will be stuck inside, so I gotta enjoy the outside while I can. lol I need to move to your state where it isn't as cold as it is here. Older I get the more I hate winter. Hope you are staying cool my friend. We are getting some hot days too, supposed to be 100 here this weekend, our first time reaching 100 this year, but heat index has been in the 100's. Not as hot as you guys, but still hot, especially for us. Hugs, Brenda