Sunday, May 19, 2013

3D No Cricut Cards

I am knee deep in remodeling my laundry room and that has kept me a wee bit busy.  I had a full room sized pantry which was nice but became a "oh well just shove this in the pantry" area.  My laundry room was a small room with washer and dryer crammed together.  So, they tore out some walls, and when finished I will have a wonderful laundry room and a smaller pantry.  Meantime I haven't done much in the way of creating paper stuff.  I did have a few sheets of the 3D punch outs that come in from the UK so I tossed together some really cutsey little cards.  Here are 3.  TFL...have a great week. 

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New Light Reading....

I recently asked a friend to take a look at something on my blog.  I was told it was hard to read because of that dark color and small print.  I heard!  I started this blog in October 2006 and because I wasn't adventuresome, I picked the first choice and it's been hanging around since.  I see so many cute blogs and yearned to be brave to make a change.  So, today I asked my dear friend Donna Mundinger to help me get the blog appearance changed.  I love "Cutest Blog on the Block" so that's where we went.
I wanted something light .... and for now, this is it.  In a few days I will get braver and take a look at some of the other choices...Hope it's easier reading for everyone.  Big hugs and thanks to Donna for plodding through this with me.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Note Pad Cover Tutorial

Still not sewing. Despite my plans to do so.  I found a cache of little 3.5x colorful note pads that come in a pack of 5 from Dollar Tree.  I love these little pads.  And they are such fun, and so easy to cover with coordinating papers.  

Here you see the 12x12 flowered lavendar paper, and a piece that was cut 4x12 which I fold in half,.  My Scor-it helps me with the second step which is to score just 1/8th of an inch down from that fold mark. These pads are not thick and that small siding works great when the whole piece of paper is folded over.   (Once the notepad is glued in, you might want to trim away some of the cover.  That is optional.)

 I have added the bottle of glue.  These are one-time covers so I simply glue the cardboard back of the notepad to the inside cover.  If I wanted to make a notepad cover that can be used over and over again, I will cut a 6"Lx2"W strip and cover it with the pattern paper.  I score 1 inch on each end, and those are folded over a reinforced panel (covered with matching papers) which is then glued to the inside bottom.  This allows the cardboard backing of the notepad to be slipped into the strip, and therefore it becomes something that allows a new pad to be replaced.   Also shown here is a folded strip with the notepad glued in.
 Once the notepads are glued in, then it is time to decorate the outside.  Again, if this notepad is one you design for repeated use, I put an additional cover with design papers on to sturdy the cover.  In this case, however, I simply added a Nestie's mount with a butterfly from several punches.
These make great gifties.  And so easy to create in very little time. Thanks for visiting.  Have a happy week.