Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Card Over 2013/Tucson


I wait all year for this wonderful gathering of my cherished friends.  This year we missed having Pat join our group as she had commitments at home. This was our 6th Card camp.  I used to take gifties of papers and embellishments but a few years back I switched to taking some sewing projects.  Last July I took down to Tucson towel wraps for each to use for showers or swimming pool.  When the gals came up in February to my house, I made each of them a sweat shirt jacket.  This year I made totes with embroidery panels featuring our gathering. 

Deb, creating away. Deb filled her green tote with many wonderful cards. 

 This is Kris.  Kris is a published card maker and we watched her create some wonderful cards to submit.

Sandy....hostess this year. A lovely hostess indeed.  The gals all plan meals to share and they were wonderful.  

and finally, me.  This was taken on Sunday as I am packed and ready to head back to glendale. Tired looking aren't I?.... The drive to Tucson from my house is only 2 hours 38 minutes but I always stress driving that I-10 for fear that some errant dust storm is going to barrel down upon us travelers.  I start the "fret zone" before I even leave for Tucson, and it returns just moments before I hit the road to return home.  All was well, as usual so I fret for naught.  

This is Buddy.  A cute cute cute Cocker Spaniel.  I can't keep my hands off this guy.  Here he is, bringing the morning paper to papa.  

 I can sometimes slam together 80-90 cards at my Card Overs. This year I decided to work on cards for The First Families of Arizona, a donation I do for some really awesome pioneer families.  To be a member one has to have been here before Arizona's statehood....February 14, 1912.  My mother came to Phoenix in 1909 at the age of 9 mos. old.  I love making cards for their "social committee" for Thinking of You, Get Well and Sympathy.

Thanks for your visit.  I am ashamed that I neglect my sweet blog so.


DonnaMundinger said...

One of these days I'm coming too! Always looks like so much fun! Glad you're back, Chickie. xxD

Jayne said...

Your totes are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I bet you have lots of fun meeting up.
Jayne x

Stephanie said...

Glad you're home safe and sound. Love your fab totes. Looks like great fun and lots of memories.

1CardCreator said...

looks like another great card over, great idea you gals all have! Fun to leave home, but always better to be back again. Your totes are beautiful too. ~Diane

Sandi said...

oh it looks like everyone had a wonderful time, so glad you made it to and back safely, as always your shares are terrific, hugs