Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pigeons, Pigeons and MORE

 One morning I awakened to the sounds of "cooing" coming from my front porch.  I found two pigeons nesting at the top of the porch post.  They seemed to have found a home.  When I was having the laundry room and pantry remodeled, one of the guys doing the sheetrocking raises Egyptian pigeons.  He looked at the top of the post and said "there are eggs, you better get rid of those or you will have pigeons forever, she will just keep laying". He wouldn't do the task, and I tried but simply could not destroy those eggs. Little did I know what a nightmare this was going to turn into.  First I noticed that I hadn't seen "baby pigeons".  Now I know why. They do not leave "the nest" until they are seemingly full grown. And Jess was correct because these two parent pigeons went from porch spot to porch spot until all 4 corners now had 2 pigeons per spot and two crammed in parents.  I can tell you that I had to go out on my front porch 4 times a day to wash down the sidewalk which was now the landing strip for pigeon poop, not to mention the evidence trailing down from the top of the post.  The racket these birds made was not fun.  I would turn on the hose and spray them away, but as soon as I was back in my house, back they came, babies and all.

..Until my wonderful contractor could get over to solve this issue, I crammed the areas with pots and bricks and thought "well, that's that, no more pigeons". Wrong.  I found atop the bricks two scrunched down parents ready to nest on those bricks again.

 Finally Rodney arrived and he spent hours creating a perfectly sized platform with long spikes nailed in one inch apart.  $135 later, I clapped my hands and said "well, that's that, no more pigeons". Wrong..  
                   The next morning at 5AM I heard familiar cooing.  I absolutely could not tell you the shock to find 3 pigeons nesting on the sharp spikes, their legs hanging down between the rows of nails.  I grabbed the hose.  This was not a fun spray because the pigeons had no surface to launch from so they were wildly flapping wings. Eventually two were able to leave the area and one remained.  I was horrified to think that the pigeon was.... ewwww....impaled on the nail and I, who could not destroy the baby eggs, had to peel him from the nail.  But finally he lifted off and flew away from the water spray.    
.  Back came Rodney and he constructed a heavy wire "cage" from platform to ceiling, securing it so it was at long last pigeon proof.  We did laugh and say we hoped there were no pigeon wire cutters available to them.  .

That's my Pigeon Adventure, and I could have done without the experience.  


DonnaMundinger said...

Oh yeah, a familiar story. We had them in the corners of our roof whn we first moved in. $1500 later we had caged areas and goo on the edges of our roof to discourage them. What a PITA! but theyr'e gone, and have been for 17 years. Glad you were finally successful too xxD

Scrapper69 said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but it's a funny story.... I learned a looooong time ago about Pigeons.... We just call them flying RATS! Cuz they are like rats.... hard to get rid of.... Glad you were able to fix the problem though! :o)

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh. I know I shouldn't but how funny! Poor you. I hope they stay away.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you had this problem but you made me laugh this morning. So glad you aren't going through it anymore. Lesson learned...don't ever encourage a pigeon. (ever)

Sandi said...

okay I am laughing like crazy here, although I know that going through the entire process was not fun, what a fab story it makes, I don't think before I read this story I could have destroyed the eggs either, hugs, hugs hugs

Brenda said...

I would have been like you Carole and not been able to destroy the eggs either. lol But what a mess it became for you and your handyman!!! I didn't know Pigeons did this, we have Doves and once in a while see a Pigeon. Thank God I don't have any posts for them to nest in. lol Funny but not! Glad that your handyman came up with something that stopped them from nesting!!! Hugs my friend!

1CardCreator said...

What a story sweetie! I could not have destroyed the eggs either, but oh what a mess it made! So glad Rodney found a way to "bar" them from your home. ~Diane