Thursday, August 01, 2013

Laundry Room Decor

Laundry Day As They Say
Is just a Basket away
I recently was delighted to have my huge walk in pantry reduced and my laundry room increased in size.  The walk in pantry was room sized and the perfect culprit that allowed "oh well, just shove it in the pantry".  It had shelves in a U-shaped design, 7 in all with vaulted ceiling and the shelves were loaded with ...well, lots of stuff...!!!  My laundry room, on the other hand, was nothing more than a "hallway" with the washer and dryer crammed in next to each other.  In the garage there was an alcove that had carpet rolls and shelving units store.  The front and back pantry walls were knocked down, the shelves removed.  In the garage that alcove wall was sealed up and that became the new smaller and very functioning pantry.  The back wall was rebuilt to house a pocket door that opens to the pantry.  The old pantry now accommodates my new dryer, and a table Rodney my handiman built that I use to fold my clothes on after removing them from the dryer.  This table is tall enough to accommodate Riley's liter box.  What a  wonderful benefit because previously his liter box was in the hall bathroom and I couldn't look down the hall without seeing it.  

Here is a shot of the area where my dryer sits.  I bought an LG washer and dryer set.  These little sweeties sing to me when I turn them on, sing a little song when their cycle has completed.  How cool is that?

 Here you can see the washer.  Next to it, I have a cabinet that houses all of my cleaning supplies.
I have driven myself crazy looking for some paintings or artwork to hang in the new rooms.  The paint is a soft sea foam green, and I know I will eventually find something suitable.  Meantime today I used my wonderful Cricut machine to do a wall hanging.   It'll do for the time being.   

 Just so you know I am not loafing around, I am also sewing.  I got so tired of the towels falling down from the oven handle.  Well, maybe falling down is a bit of a stretch.  Let's rephrase that.  How about Riley the Cat swiping at the towels and pulling them down?...  I remembered years back I made a towel that folded over the oven handle and buttoned to secure it.  The newer ones shown here actually close by Velcro.
Thanks for taking a peek at my delights.


Stephanie said...

Looks fabulous, Carole. Lucky you.

Sandi said...

see that is the answer to lovin laundry day, a room you can move in while doing it, lol, love your new space and pantry and oh the washer-drier set is fab, hugs

1CardCreator said...

Fabulous arrangement Carole, love that washer and dryer too. Hope you are staying cool. ~Diane

Susan said...

Love your Laundry Day decor!!! My laundry room is very small, so I created door decor. Better than nothing, I guess! I like the cleaning supply cabinet in the laundry room - very smart design.

Mayra Duran-Hernandez said...

Both projects look great !! I love the laundry sign very cute !!


Kris said...

Your new room is fantastic and I love your little wall hanging.

Amber Holder said...

I love your laundry room decoration! I'm very envious you have a room now. I have the very narrow hallway that leads to a tiny bathroom. I'm glad you were able to personalize your space :)

Best crafty wishes!
Staying Crafty

Brenda said...

OMGoodness, I love your laundry room Carole!! I would die to have a laundry room on my main floor and not have to go up and down the steps to do my laundry! How fabulous that you had the space in the pantry to do this!! Loving that washer and dryer too!!! I don't have a matching set, so I'm envious of people who do. lol I love that it sings to you too!! And those towels...oh my they are fabulous!!! Oh and I lovey our laundry sign! You are the queen of making beautiful signs from your Cricut! Hugs my friend!