Saturday, January 27, 2018

Humane Society Quilts For Dogs and Cats

It is my heart's delight to be able to sew.  It is my happy spot in life, sewing this n' that, sometimes just to sew up some pretty fabric, many times to sew something special for family or friends to make them smile, and many many times to sew up to donate.  I sew a lot for Lanette Veres,, and I love to sew up little quilts for the dogs and cats at the local Humane Society.  I can use up scraps of fabric, and they do not care if the quilt is precise or fabric coordinated.  Here are some recent quilts for those fur babies.

More to come... I am working on five right now and hope to drop those off this coming week.  Concrete floors are cold, the kennels are distressing, it is heartbreaking for sweet pups and cats to wait patiently for a forever home.  Adopt.  Please adopt...!!!!! 

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