Sunday, September 30, 2018


I have unintenionally ignored my poor blog.  I used to keep up with it, and now it seems to hide in the corner.  Everyone knows I love to sew, my blog is littered with results of just that.  The last 4 months or so I have been sewing smaller quilts for dogs and cats and to be used in the No Kill Shelters and the Rescues.  Earlier this year, I had dropped off around 100 quilts to the Humane Society in my district only to find they were being warehoused until "needed".  It was then I switched to Rescues and No Kill Shelters. I  have met some wonderful folks who devote their lives to care for cats and dogs, to make them well, give them love and try to adopt each one out to a loving family. In the past month I was given several large bags of donated fabrics and it was those fabrics that allowed me to whip up 106 quilts for several of the Rescues.  Here is a stack, different sizes for different size dogs.  Some went to the vet of a Rescue (Forever Loving Hearts Rescue in Surprise, AZ).I had a little black and white cat visitor who wandered to my yard most likely from The Sahuaro Ranch, a literal dumping ground for unwanted cats, bunnies.  Her ear was tipped, the sign that she was at The Park and she was "fixed". She was a loving kitty, so hardly feral, and probably dumped by a family that just didn't want her anymore.  Or, of course, she could have gotten lost and wandered to The Park. Forever Loving Hearts Rescue now has Tux to find a forever family for her.

Here are the quilts, and a photo of Angi Hopson who now has 64 quilts for Az. Dog Adoptions.

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