Friday, September 25, 2015

More More Slam Dunk

More slam dunk cards. Just trying hard to use up the tub of die cuts and the many shelves and stacks of papers.  When I was designing cards on a design team, I took my time, and tried to create a nice design.  Now my goal is just to get those stacks and tubs whittled down.  The cards are fun to make and I share them with friends. 
I had a lot of froggy die cuts.  
 A bevy of cards.  Can you see the little hand drawn froggy card?.... There for a while I employed my past artist skills at drawing some of my cards.  It was fun.
 I have a lovely die cut for several sizes of a cross.  These cards came out pretty, I think.
 Sizzix candle dies make a quick little birthday card.
 A few die cuts, a few punches create quick cards.
 I love the design papers on these two cards.
 Jumbled stuff.
 A few of this, a few of that.  Love stuff.
 These cards were quickly made using punched out die cuts.  Cute... I think.
 More stuff grabbed up out of stacks and tubs.
That's all, folks.  Thanks for taking a peek.


Stephanie said...

These do not look like they were put together fast and easy. It must be fun to be able to put such pretty things together from leftovers. These cards will make lots of people very happy. My favorite is your hand drawn frog. He's soooo cute! You truly have an artistic soul. You really do so many things so well. Have a great Saturday.

Sandi said...

Love your slam dunks, no one would know you don't take hours to do them, hugs