Friday, September 11, 2015


For years I donated covered notebooks for cancer patients and the children of cancer patients. These books are wonderful pathways to jotting down many things, ...memories, hopes, dreams, fears, etc.  Recently I did a few more for this  purpose.  I always have stashes of the yellow, white and various colored note pads of different sizes.  The larger ones are adult sized and the smaller pads are for the children.  I had fun making these and I know they will be used.

So simple to make.  The larger pads are created with the 12x12 papers while the smaller pads are used with 8-1/2x11 papers.  The 12x12 pads are comprised of two sections.  I place the notepad on the paper, then I do the two score lines for the folding spine, fold down the top and then cut a section to paste on the smaller section. That becomes the back part.  I decorate the front, and then glue the pad on the inside.  The smaller pads are easy.  Those "strips" are cut 5x8-1/2.  Once again I place the note pad on the lower flap, and that gives me the "spot" that I score the two spines and then I fold down the top, decorate and voila', ...a cute little note pad ready for someone to jot down their thoughts. 

Fun.  I had fun.  But I always do. Thanks for peeking at my covered note pads that will be used with such need.


Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Carole! What a wonderful collection of cards! It's great to hear from you! I hope you have a fun and crafty weekend!

Stephanie said...

These are so cute, Carole. They must really enjoy having such a bright and cheerful place to put their thoughts. This is a great idea.