Friday, September 04, 2015


Here I go again.... more slam dunks.  Actually I have given any viewer a gift because I did not begin to take photos of all the cards I made.  I have lots of friends who come over and shop in my Free Shop, and they enjoy selecting cards they like.  I like the sounds of glee when they find cards they want. 

 Out of this group of Slam Dunks, I think I like these pink ones  best of all.
 Who doesn't love a bunny?....

 Believe it not, I found a page of stickers.  A scrapbooker might recall that when scrapbooking started, we only had stickers.  Yup, I used 'em, and I still have some sheets.  They make really quick slam dunk cards.  But I will say I added a wee drop of my glue just to make sure the stickers remained where I placed them.
 More scrapbooking things added to cards.  Those are the really fun cardboard die cuts.
 Sweet grinning  bear.
Everything I photographed has now been added.  I do have a tray of abut 100 mote cards but....
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Stephanie said...

You are something else! I started off picking out my favorites but the list included just about each one! lol But I am really partial to the pink ones...and the one with the palm trees, and the chicken, and the anniversary cards, and the bee, and the ones with the stash cut outs. See what I mean? They are all fabulous. You always amaze me. Have a great weekend.