Monday, August 31, 2015

Slam Dunk Game

Sewing all put away.  I had been sewing for over a year, and am pleased to know I have sewn about 49 quilts for the homeless veterans in the cold country.  I cleaned up the craft room, stood aside and admired the scene and then promptly lunged into papers and supplies.Within seconds it appeared as though I had been making cards all along. I design cards now and then, with a creative hand and mind but these are my simply slam dunk styles. I fold the card stocks and pair up with envelopes ahead of time , and sometimes I add a cut of  designer paper and die cuts.  When that is done, making 200 cards is a slam dunk easy peasy process ...  Here are just a few of the cards. Simple simple cards.

I love cards with the punch cut out window and then I can drape over the edges.  Here are three of that style.  

I have a tub of hundreds and hundreds of die cuts that I made.  I sat for about 2 weeks and wandered through my Cricut cartridges, grabbing up cute die cuts to embellish, and of course a goal of using up some of the stacks and stashes of papers.  And there they sat, for a year, waiting.  Here you can see I grabbed up the cute bear die cut and made some Valentine/Love cards.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a collection of stuffed frogs that a treasured client would give me over many years.  Even after I retired, I would get a cute frog item.  My first quilt that I REALLY labored over was my froggy quilt and I am proud to say I won a First Place Blue Ribbon for at the County Fair.  Goes without saying, I LOVE creating a little frog card now and then.

More to come.  I did mention I slam dunked about 200 cards, didn't I?
Have a nice day. Thanks for your visit. 

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Stephanie said...

You are amazing! These cards are so pretty. I love your frogs. Lots of people will benefit from these cards I'm sure. You are one busy lady.
So many people benefit from your generosity. You are special and I'm glad you are my friend.