Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Award from Sandi

How thrilled I was to receive this beautiful blog Award from my sweet friend Sandi Kelly.
I am to tell 5 things I like and then share this with five.
1. I love my family, my friends and my dog...this is all one love!!.
2. I paper. And anything it creates
3. I love fabric and anything it creates.
4. I love blogging and sharing
5. Steak and lobster.
Now I wish to share this with:


Joy said...

Carole...You are so sweet to think of me !!! Thank you so much for the blog award and thank you for your comment about being Jeannie's guest designer!!I'm as nervous about it, as a cat in a room full of rockin chairs !!! Thanks again, Carole !!! xoxo Joy

Vicki said...

Hey Carole, thank you so much for this award. You are so sweet and I promise I will get it up on my blog soon and display it proudly. Thank you for thinking of me.

Margie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Margie said...

LOL! I'm so embarassed!
LOL! Sorry!
Going to go hide under a rock now!
hee, hee

ashjoy said...

Hi Carole, I was going to send you a snail mail thank you but since you are wondering it did arrive and is beautiful. I'll use it in my guest bathroom for the holidays. I wish I had a machine that could do that. You are a very lucky girl, and your craft room must be huge! Thanks again!