Sunday, September 07, 2014

Card Camp Fun#2

"September 5th and 6th ...two fun filled days at Pat's Card Camp in Sun City West.  It was our "usual crowd" with Pat, Lois (Queen Elizabeth), Judi and moi'....  I have been known to whip out about 80-90 cards at card camps but that is because I am totally prepared to slam dunk.  I have the folded card, and shoved inside are the papers, die cuts, sentiments.  Slam dunking with this process is a fast process.  This weekend, however, I lugged in tubs full of papers, die cuts, sentiments and I had to sit and select items to create a card. ... I wasn't very productive but we had such a great time.  Below you will see Lois and I standing, Judi is seated and that mess to the right of me is my mess. 
 Seated is Pat, standing ...Lois and Judi.  We all tease Lois...she looks like Queen Elizabeth.
 The three at the long work table.  Pat always has her house set up for wonderful creativity.
 I made about 23 slam dunk very simple cards, mostly "Thinking of You", "Happy Birthday", and "Sympathy"..with a few get well cards stuck in.

 Now onto the real fun stuff.  I do a lot of sewing (you don't say!) ... Pat saw my Lorelie fabrics and asked if she could have some to make cards from.  She loved the cuts so much, she bought some of her own fabrics.  Below are the cards.  They are fantastic.... she fussy cut the whimsical Lorelie ladies, glued the fabric to papers and then created the CA-UTEST cards evahhhhh.  Here they are...  The fabric images pop on the cards and she has added washi tape.
 More Lorelie ladies
 Lorelie ladies ....

That's all, my friends.  I thank you for stopping by.  I don't post on my blog like I did when I was active on the design teams but I hope that when I do post, it is something you like to see.


Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Carole! Looks like a fun and fabulous time! Hope all is well! Hugs, Mona

Brenda said...

Wow Carole, you ladies are looking FABULOUS! I love all your beautiful cards. You are very good at the slam dunk thing-what a pile of cards! I also love, love, love those lady cards! That is so cool that she used some of your fabric for them and then got some of her own. I love them, so cute, so sassy and so chic! Glad you ladies had a great time, ya'll deserve this yearly get together. Big hugs, Brenda

Sandi said...

oh what a fun fun gathering, and all that wonderful creative work, woozers, hugs

1CardCreator said...

Looks like you had a blast! Great cards, great group of gals too. ~Diane