Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Sewing Delights

If you visit, you know I sew almost all day long, happy in my craft room, happy creating and thinking up things to sew using my pretty fabrics.  Leftover pieces are sewn into small projects.  Nothing is wasted.  
I make a lot of "in the hoop" projects.  Simply put, I put stabilizer in the required hoop, it sews out a pattern, I add fabrics in various steps and when I am done, I have a project.  In this view, you see Coffee Cozys and zipper purses. All in the hoop. I can't tell you how hooked I am on this process... the projects are quick, easy and mesmerizing to watch unfold. 

 These are little tissue cozys.... sewn on machine with a cut of fabric that is 6x9.   I can create a lot of these with small remnant fabrics but sometimes to call to use bright and pretty new cuts overtake me.

Stacks of this n' that.. steering wheel covers, and... totes.
 I love making a tote.  Here is a stack of 65.

 Three simple quilts which were taken to Prescott for the homeless veterans who live in forests,  in tents or cars or whatever they can use for a shelter.... I think I have done around 30 quilts so far, and there are 5 more out to have the longarm sewing completed and then they will go up to the veterans as well. 

 Now for fun fun fun sewing.  I saw some of these darling pillows on Pinterest and just had to see what I could create ... here they are.  One Owl pillow and 3 cat pillows. So cute...so much fun to make.
I will definitely make more and with each pillow, more adjustments are made.  It's a fun creative process.
There you have it.... more sewing fun from moi'. Thanks for taking a look.


Brenda said...

You always amaze me with all your sewing project Carole! I wish I was a tiny bit talented with the sewing machine. lol Yes, I'm envious that you can make all that especially the "in the hoop" thing! Then you donate your talents to help other people out-you are just one awesome lady Carole! Hugs, Brenda

Susan Edwards said...

I wish I had time to sew like you do! LOVE those pillows - So sweet. Hugs,