Friday, September 12, 2014

Arm Candy

A few months ago my friend Stayce asked if I could make something that would carry a diaper, a bag of baby wipes and would be something that could hook on a wrist for convenience sake.  I remember the days of having a small baby and the lugging that was done when going anywhere.  This is what I came up with.... I used some cute baby fabric, quilted it for sturdiness and attached a wrist loop.  Came out cute, I think, and Stayce was very pleased. 

It was soooooo simple.  I just used 2 long pieces of fabric with batting between, quilted the entire piece, folded it 3/4th of the way up, added the handle, sewed the sides, sewed on some velcro and it was done. 

That's it.... I am working on a brightly colored quilt with cats ... can't wait to finish it and show it off.  Thanks for stopping by.


Brenda said...

OMGosh Carole this is such a useful item and so pretty too with your touches on it! Your friend was so smart to ask you to make it for her. I can see these as baby shower gifts. lol So if I need one, you know who I will be calling on! Big hugs, Brenda

1CardCreator said...

This is adorable and so practical too! You are so clever to come up with all these great ideas! ~Diane

Stephanie said...

Hi, Carole! I've been wanting to comment for so long. Lots of computer/blogger problems. ugh!
I love my steering wheel cover. It is so useful. I use my mug rug (love that name) every morning for my coffee and think of my sweet friend. The cute tote and little pouches get used too. (a lot) You have been making so many cute and practical things. Wish I'd had some of these when my babies were babies. Your card party was a great success. I'm sure everyone had a lot of fun. Great cards were made. You keep doing what you love, you make lots of people very happy.
Hugs, Steph

Stephanie said...

Yes it is your bag! You are "too cool".