Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Logan's Quilts

UPDATE:  Oh my, the quilts were a hit..

My darling daughter in law and my son have the cutest little niece named Logan.  I crochet and knit as well as sew, and when I am sitting in the evening watching my TV programs, I crochet and knit.  My kids love the cotton dishclothes and scrubbies that I make and recently I sent a big stash for them to use.  My daughter in law shares these with her sister,  ..Logan's Mother.  Logan, it seems, delighted in taking the dishclothes and scrubbies and used them as blankets and pillows for her stuffied friends.  I decided Logan needed some doll quilts.  In my stash from my high school friend Nancy, I found some really wonderful fabrics to create with.  
Here are a few of the tiny quilts for Logan's doll/teddybear/stuffed friends. 
 What  a cute print.  Reminds me of my wee days when I cut out paper dolls and dressed them to the hilt.
 In Nancy's gift of fabric to me, there was a bag full of red and white pre-shaped cuts.  I put together a cute quilt just for Logan (and a label to say so) and a pillow for her, plus there was enough left over for a small doll quilt, and a tiny doll pillow.
 This is a stack of Logan's gifts.  In a prior post I showed the Storybook Quilt I made from fabric book panels and I decided Logan needed that as well.  It's folded beneath the little turquoise tote that is just Logan's size.
 Here's Logan's quilt.  Just her size for a nice afternoon nap.
Off to sew.  I am working on a zoo quilt with some cute applique zoo faces. Thanks for visiting.  Have a wonderful week.


Stephanie said...

I think you must be the happiest person on earth. You love what you do and love giving. They are all so sweet and pretty.

Yvonne said...

What a sweet thing to do. I"m sure Logan is going to love them. You are one of the most loving and giving people I know.

1CardCreator said...

You are such a sweet and thoughtful person Carole, the quilts, pillows and bag are all adorable and look like they will be well loved by little Logan. ~Diane

Brenda said...

Awww, Logan looks so sweet with her quilts and blankets!!! And so does her little "friends"! I think you brought so much joy to this cute little girl Carol! My giving angel you are so special! Hugs, Brenda