Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quilt The Jacket

Mind's Eye failed me...!!!  I had this fabric that I purchased from the Sewing/Crafting Festival I attend each January.  I saw a finished lap quilt in my mind's eye.  Sadly I didn't have enough of this fabric to finish and so I grabbed up this n' that ... so I do have a lap quilt but it's more like a jumbled array of bright prints and colors.  Needless to say, it isn't what I imagined but someone will find comfort to fling this over a cold lap.
More totes from left over scraps.  Lots of fun to make, easy to put together and these will be given to the homeless vets in Prescott for fund raising.
 Long ago I made a quilted sweatjacket.  I wanted to make some more since I have about 10 sweatshirts in my craft room closet.  I did a lot of YouTube viewing and found some helpful instructions, but most of the videos I found did not take me through some of those steps.  I knew I had to use one size larger sweatshirt so that when I cut apart the garment, the size would be dwindled a bit... So off I went, cut  away the stretch knit on the neck, sleeves and bottom rim...then I cut apart the sleeves, the front and back sweatshirt. I ended up with 5 separate pieces..I then  began the process of applying sew and flip pieces of fabrics.  About 1/3 of the way in on the first panel, I realized I started off all wrong.  I will know next time what not to do, what to do.  But I did finish this pretty jacket. The fabric was part of a fabric stash my high school friend Nancy gifted me.  I knew when I looked in that bag and saw the quality of selections, I would use the fabrics for something special.  Here the Vintage Singer is sewing down some patches.
 Sewing and sewing.  Sew and flip, Sew and Flip.
 Finally....two days later it is finished.  I did a few things wrong, but the next quilted sweatshirt jacket will go together easier and perhaps quicker.  Yup.... wish me luck on that one...(grin).


1CardCreator said...

Happy Easter Carole! I love the pretty jacket you made, the colors are gorgeous, what pretty fabric! I would never know how to even stat such a thing! ~Diane

Susan Edwards said...

Wow, you are such an impressive seamstress, Carole. The quilted jacket is fabulous, as are the other items!

Jayne said...

Happy Easter Carole!
Love seeing your sewing projects. The jacket is lovely.
We have had a British Sewing Bee show on telly and have to say I taped everyone. They made items from scratch or we're given things like t shirts to redesign. Fascinating and skilful work. Your jacket reminded me of it straightaway.
Jayne x

Stephanie said...

Carole, such pretty work. Love that jacket. So pretty with that fabric. Worth the effort. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I know your lap quilts and totes will be appreciated.

Sandi said...

wow Miss Carole, that jacket rocks

Yvonne said...

Love the jacket. You did a very nice job.

Blogger said...
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