Monday, May 12, 2014

Tooth Fairy Pouch

As you know I love to sew and I love to sew on my embroidery machine and I love even more when I have an easy "in the hoop project".  This is one of those projects.  I have a dentist appointment next week and I like to take in a little sumpin-sumpin for the girls.  These darling little tooth fairy pouches are perfect.  The pattern is from Embroidery Garden, and the tooth pouch can be found on Page 30 of the In The Hoop Section.  If you like to embroidery and do In The Hoop designs, I wish you luck in getting to Page 30 without ordering a bunch of darling projects. 

The little pouch is done in white felt and colorful ribbons, and for those cute little teeth, I used white rick rack.  The project is done in layers, starting with the hoop of stabilizer.  The pattern sews a straight line and the 2 rows of rick rack are put down on the stabilizer with the outside points right on that line. The rick rack is secured with spray or a thin strip of adhesive tape (which is what I used).  Then you lay down the first 5x5 square of white felt and the pattern sews a rectangle around the rick rack, securing it.  The pattern then sews the two black eyes with eyelashes and the 2 pink cheeks.  Take the hoop from the embroidery machine and on the back of the projects, cut away the stabilizer around the rectangle for the teeth.  Apply the ribbon on the back, between the eyes, and then replace the hoop in the machine. At that point I slip the second 5x5 square of white felt beneath the hoop and the pattern then sews the tooth shape.  Remove the project, cut away the felt on the front rectangle , exposing the two rows of teeth, and cut around the entire tooth shape, adjusting the ribbon to avoid being snipped. 
There you have it.. some darling tooth fairy pouches.  I will slip a little tag in each pouch and each girl at the dentist's office will have a cute little giftie for someone in their family, or a favorite dental patient. Here is the tag: 
 In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where
dreams are made,
Let's see if you
can make a trade.
                                                              In this pocket I will lay,
                                                             the little tooth I lost today.
                                                                  Please, dear fairy,
                                                                   tonight as I sleep
                                                                     leave me a coin.
                                                               My tooth you can keep.

                                                                 - Author Unknown

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Stephanie said...

Carole, these are seriously adorable. I bet they love when you have an appointment.

1CardCreator said...

I love these Carole, they are adorable! ~Diane

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG!!! These are about the cutest things EVER! You should sell them, you'd make a mint! Truly adorable, Carole! xxD

Sandi said...

Carol, just precious, lol, I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found some baby teeth from boy child, fab idea, hugs

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh Carol, this are so dear!! And so are you!!! How sweet of you to take these to the dentist office to give out. You are such a sweetheart my friend, a giving angel is what I'm going to call you for now on. You always touch my heart with everything that you do. Hugs, Brenda

Sandy Pence said...

You really should sell these, they are adorable!