Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tagged I am it...

That nice Lillie taggie Margie (BellaBug) and Margie tagged me. You can see Margie's wonderful creations on her blog that can be selected on my Places I visit. As I understand it, I am to post the 4th photograph in my 4th folder. I am not sure if I am counting four folders over or four folders down, but you would have to see my desktop to understand it is plethora of folders. However, I went four folders across and that happens to be my PHOTO folder, and the fourth photograph down is........OMG, there I am.... 25 years old and this was my engagement photograph. And now I tag the following four:
Kathy (KitKat)
You can see their work by selecting their names on Places I Visit. Again, I apologize.I simply cannot make a direct link.


CelticWoman said...

Oh look at that picture, you have always been beautiful. Hugs, Sandi

"Um Buggin" said...

Oh Carole!! What a beautiful picture of you, and you haven't changed a bit... Ok, maybe the hair color, but you still have the same sweet face, and I'm sure the same kind heart. Thanks for playing along......

Hugz, xx


Anonymous said...

OMG, Carole! I love it! What a beautiful photo! Thanks for playing along!