Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Yep, Carol of Crazy For Crafting tagged me. I love being tagged and I love reading tag answers of my blogging and designer friends. Here are the rules: Answer the questions, then tag 5 or 6 of your friends. Go to their blogs and tell them they've been tagged and ask them to visit your blog for details. Here are my questions and answers:
TEN YEARS AGO: I was Vice President of a Trustee Sale company. I had been in mortgage lending since 1957 and I had done all phases of mortgage lending .. the last 12 years I was a Trustee Sale Officer. I was 60 and knew that I had 10 years left to work and on certain days that made my shoulders slump...!! I loved my friends at the other companies, I loved my clients, but that 10 more years seemed like a forever to go...suddenly my target of December 2007 arrived and I am officially retired 6 months.
FIVE THINGS TO DO TODAY: 1. Do a load of wash. I ignored it on Sunday because I said to myself "self, you are retired, you do not have to wash in that rigid working-all-week regime. 2. Brush Heidi Sweetface. She is a Springer Spaniel who wears her winter coat. She will have her summer hair cut this weekend. 3. Work on that stack of scrap bin paper. Make as many cards as I can. 4. Start a special July birthday card for my son who will turn 39 on July 31. I have the card done for my DIL whose bday is July 4th. and finally 5: Work on that almost-finished quilt. I just have to sew down the binding and one quilt is done. Finito!!
And I will only have 5 more quilt tops to work on. And then of course there are the tubs of fabrics in the closet and the stacks of fabrics in the sewing area to make more quilts, totes, purses, pillows, etc., etc.,
SNACKS: Sweet and Salty Popcorn. I love the stuff...and there is only one store that carries it.
IF I WERE (TO BECOME) A MILLIONAIRE: I would invest some of it for me, give money to my son and DIL, share it with my Uncle, my 3 cousins, my step sisters and brother, and I have my special friends I would share it with, give some to Best Friends in UT. And if any were left over for "free spending", I would buy the most glorious and expensive embroidery machine. and have a room built on my house for sewing only. Gee, I think I'd need to be a Gazzllionaire!!
PLACES I'VE LIVED: Phoenix, AZ 1937-1955, Flagstaff, AZ 1955-1959, Phoenix and Glendale AZ 1959 to present. I meant to move to California but it never happened.
That's it...that's the five answers so now I tag: DeeDee, Sharon, Michelle, Ivy and Jeannie.


DeeDee said...

Oh so COOL reading your answers Carole....sweet and salty popcorn huh!!! Sounds good to me!!! THANKS for the FUN!!!

michelle said...

Hi Carole !! thanks for the fun ! i have posted my answers !! hope your getting everything done lol !! have a great day

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh how fun Carole! I just love reading these tags. It's so awesome to get to know everyone a little better. Thanks for the fun!!! HUGS!

Jeannie Phillips said...

Thanks so much for tagging me...I am going to do my answers on Monday when dh goes back to work and I have more me time...have a wonderful day.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think I want some popcorn now! Sounds yummy! Thanks for playing along! I love reading these "tags" too!

Ivy said...

I finally have time to read all your answers and play along!! thanks for tagging me Carole!

Jeannie Phillips said...

Thank you for tagging me... my answers are on the right side of my blog... I was touched...

Thank you too for always being so sweet and encouragement... you are an angel from God.