Friday, June 09, 2017

A Nice and Tidy Cleaned up Craft Room

My craft room is my daily happy place.  One spot sports a bulletin board which is a hot mess of cards and notes, photographs and paper projects.  Here is a tidy photo, but as of right now, it is covered with lapped over items.  A mangled mess but I know where each and every item is, and where they came from and why they are there to make me smile.
One side of my Craft Room is a work station, another side has the delightful machines like Cricut Expression, e-Bosser, metal dies, and tools of the trade while the third table is a delight of sewing machines.  My happy place indeed gives me a day full of creating projects I can share.
It gets a little out of hand after a few hours and I stop, sweep, put everything back in the proper place and then I start all over again.  Recently I really did a full scale tidy-up, putting 3 extra sewing machines in a closet, reorganizing stacks and stashes.  Two years ago I had spent 2 years sewing quilts for the Homeless Veterans in Northern AZ, those precious protectors who were now living in tents in the forest, old cars, or storage sheds.  I made 55 quilts for those souls, I crocheted scarves and afghans to help keep them warm in the winter days of Northern Az.  Then I covered the sewing machines, put away the cloth projects and rolled across the room to the paper side.  I made card after card, creating and happy.  Now I am back to sewing,...totes, purses, cell phone cases, napkins, hanging towels, quilts.  I am happy girl.  Here is my cleaned up Craft Room.

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Brenda said...

I can see why it is your happy place Carole!!! I love your room and all the room you have in there! I don't think your bulletin board looks that messy, isn't that the point of a bulletin board?! Carole you are a special lady and such a giving one at that, I love how you are keeping care of our soldiers that are in your area warm, that is more than our government is doing. I think it is a shame that our government can't take care of our soldiers, men and women who lay down their lives for this country. Something is wrong with that picture!!! Bless you Carole, for you are truly an angel in disguise!!! Big hugs, Brenda