Friday, June 09, 2017

Busy Work

Hi... I keep busy... sewing, making cards, crochet, knit.... It keeps my almost 80-mind alert and busy, and my hands, arthritis or not, create things I can share.  Today my cherished Lanette Veres of Gray Matters picked up her "stash" that SHE will share with friends who are facing some mighty awful health things in their lives.... loved ones with brain tumors, families in stress and fright.  Lynette shines like a bright sun in the lives of those who she surrounds.  Here are some things I gave her to share.  A few crochet lap afghans to comfort those in waiting rooms, to envelope those in hospital beds, some fleece big bibs that help for the bedridden, and lastly trays of giant colorful words of inspiration, signs to hang, bright and cheery die cuts of flowers and hearts, and stars, and things to brighten a life.

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