Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drawing Drawing

For now, I have exhausted the little drawings that I found stuffed in a folder.  I have a few that I didn't use, but let us just say I created with the drawings that I was pleased with. 

My friends have seen my frog collection.  I have a giant array of stuffed frogs of all sorts and kinds, not only stuffed but wooden frogs, metal frogs, ceramic frogs, frogs covered with crystals and beads... all a gift from a treasured client not only from my working days but gifted long after I retired.  I love froggies ..and I even embroidered a quilt with frogs...and I am proud to say I won a First Place Blue Ribbon at the County Fair a few years back.... so it is natural I would love to draw a few frogs. 
Here are a few silly froggies. 

A gal loaded up with shopping bags and maybe a plea to a friend to join her.  An ice cream cone and a little fella with his friend Teddy Bear who says "We love you, we do"....

A little flop-eared bunny.  The top says "Happy Bunny Day" and the inside has an Easter sentiment.  A frantic hair-standing-on-end friend who says "I forgot, I forgot".  Inside it says "I am late, I am late, for a very important date.  Happy Birthday".  And a colorful rooster who says "Rise n' Shine, it is a very special day".  I placed a sample of the inside sentiment.

A little red bird who reports someone tattled on someone's birthday.
That's it...until my drawing hand itches to draw once again.  Thanks for taking a peek.


Brenda said...

OMGosh Carole, I love your critters as much as I love your people!!! The frogs are just adorable. I love frogs too and almost broke my neck trying to save a toad a few weeks ago. lol But Dwayne was there and caught me before I broke my neck. So those toad cards are my favorite!! My next favorite (but love them all!!) is the boy with his hair, that one cracks me up and it has the perfect sentiment too. Love it! Love the bunny, shopper, baby (oh how sweet that baby is!) and the rooster! That rooster is awesome! Then there is the little bird, OMGosh, love him too!! Carole you should have really worked for a greeting card maker cause your drawings would have looked great on greeting cards! Well wait a minute.....they do look great on greeting cards....your greeting cards!! I wish your drawings were in stamp form because everyone, including me would be snatching them up!!! They would sell like hot cakes! Oh and you should have did sentiments too because you come up with some great ones! I'm not clever that way at all but you are. Is there anything you can't do?!!! Hugs, Brenda

Stephanie said...

I love your style, Carole! You could do digital stamps with your drawings. Love that rooster, well, the birds, frogs, people, kids etc.,too. I just love all of them.
You are one very talented lady. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you.