Monday, October 27, 2014

Slam Dunk Cards APlenty

Heavy Post Warning.  I left sewing for a wee moment to make Christmas Cards, as I do each year...45 for me, 45 for my son and daughter in law.  That little assignment swooped me up into paper crafts again.  So here they are, slam dunkin' at its best.  I am desperately trying to use up the many many shelves and drawers of paper, supplies, etc.  Using it all will never happen.  I could never live long enough. But I did have fun making these.  For the past 2 days, however, I switched over to making pretty boxes, some with the clear lids and a cute stacked calorie free paper birthday cake to sit inside.  I will post those later.  Meantime, if you are here, your eyes have enough to deal with as it is.  Happy day, my sweet visitors.  

 These are just little gift cards. Can't toss a small piece of paper so gift cards come easy.


Stephanie said...

Well, Carole, you haven't lost your touch! These are amazing. So many and all different. You will makes lots of people happy with your talents. Have a great week my friend.

1CardCreator said...

These are awesome Carole, You have such a great talent for making these. Wish I could whip them out as quickly as you do! The kids will be thrilled to get theirs I am sure! ~Diane

Yvonne said...

Beautiful cards as always Carole. You have really been working! Anyone would be thrilled to receive one.