Friday, September 27, 2013

Coffee Cozy

Coffee Cozy projects are so much fun.  I've made these by cutting out the pattern and sewing on the Singer, but this particular Cozy is one of my favorite processes:  In The Hoop.  Like the zippered purse posted prior to this one, all I need to do is take my 6x10 embroidery hoop and place some tear away stablilizer in it.  Into the machine it goes, and the first step, the ITH design sews an outline of where the fabrics go.  The first layer comprises of a thinner batting, and the top fabric.  The second step is to sew around the shape to anchor the main design.  Then the quilting process begins and it finishes in a snap.  The last two steps is to put in the button hoop (I use the little elastic bands for pig tails), lay down the back fabric and the machine sews around the shape 2 times, leaving a small area that allows me to turn the fabrics right side out.  Voila.  All I have to do is remove the fabrics from the hoop, remove the stabilizer, trim and turn right side out.  Add a button and it's done.. And it's cute.  It's so much fun to change the fabrics because I feel like I am doing it all brand new.  


Sandi said...

These cozies are just the best, love love them and perfect to protect the fingers as this weather goes to cold and we want those hot mugs of java, hugs

1CardCreator said...

These are beautiful Carole and such a great idea too! ~Diane

Stephanie said...

These are super cute, Carole. So thoughtful.

Jayne said...

Your cozies look wonderful Carole.
Jayne x