Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tucson Card Camp

Annual Card Over, July 13-14-15 in Tucson, Az. 
 This year our hostess is Deb...she is second from the left.  On the left is Pat, a newbie join up, and as you can see that smile says it all.  She is so excited to become part of our Card Over Crew and we are so thrilled she is in our clan. Next to Pat is Deb, then comes Sandy in the cute white and turquoise shirt, behind her is Kris....  and then holding herself up by the table is moi'.... Carole... me...My back and leg issues are rampant so I am always holding onto something these days. We had so much fun, we always do.  We languish in the creations that each of us make,..  I am known for my slam dunk cards and this trip was no exception because I managed to slam together 98 cards. Don't be impressed by that, however, because I took down a tray of already folded cardstock for the card bases, I took down 4 packages of 100+ die cuts so I could just reach in and grab one.  I had pattern papers to build upon...and before I knew it I had 98 cards.  And that was just Saturday because on Friday I worked on 5 Memory Albums for friends out of town that could not attend the Memory Lunch I hosted for my Uncle who passed away last December.   What a fun crew, eh?


Glenda said...

Sounds like a fun get-together! I am sure each of you had a blast. Wow! 98 cards! It would have taken me 3 days to choose paper! lol
Thanks for sharing!

Yoshira aka cricutalltime said...

You girls look like you enjoyed the day.Wow 98 cards you go girl.

kim.scrapper said...

That sounds like such fun and I need to join your club 98 cards! That is impressive, the only thing I would get 98 of at a crop is

Sandi said...

there is nothing like a group of enthusiasts with paper and color, I bet it was non-stop fun, so glad you have this special date, take care dear one, hugs

1CardCreator said...

I do envy you, that looks like so much fun! So glad you have this great group to get together with!

~JulieH~ said...

Wow Carole 98 cards! Hpw lovely it must be to have such great crafty friends to get together with