Saturday, July 21, 2012

Craft Room Ooopsies

Sometimes delightful times get sidetracked. So it was with the set up on my long awaited new craft room.  I was excited to know that I would have a room where all things crafty would reside...I would have 4 tables.  One table would be a complete Sewing Station with all 4 of my sewing machines, a second table would be a Work Station, my wonderful TV set right there, with some of my fav tubs sitting there for me to access my most used supplies, a third table just for my 2 Cricut machines, my Cuttlebug, the Nesties and some paper cubes. and a forth table (smaller) for the telephone, printer, computer.  Plans can change so rapidly it can make you gasp.  My room constructor, Rodney took down the large 6 foot table that was in my current Studio, folded the legs down and took it to the new room ... he set it up, and we added the 4 sewing machines. All was fine.  The next morning I decided I needed to roll in the tea cart that has my thread tubs and sewing tools on it and it would sit at the end of this Sewing Station...BUT...the 6 ft. table had to come toward the door about 3 inches.  When I pulled the center part of the table at the one end, without warning it collapsed.  My sewing machines are very nice, and the embroidery machine is expensive... and suddenly they all tumbled and crashed into one another with the embroidery machine leading the way. I was horrified....and Riley the cat had reached the far end of the house in 3 leaps and bounds. 
Here is the fallen table without the 3 other machines. 
  The smaller sewing machines  were easy for me to pick up ...and later when I tested them they did sew...although one has no thread spindles.  They broke off. I fretted big time over any damage to my wonderful embroidery machine....however today Rodney came back, lifted the table...and we were surprised to find that the metal plate that hooked the two end legs on it had just yanked itself away from the underside of the heavy particle board table top and a big chunk of particle board was laying on the floor.. I tested the embroidery machine and was so relieved there is no significant damage... My workstation is a wonderful set up.... two three-drawer dressers from Walmart with a big thick door slab sitting on top, legs in the back to support, covered with a lovely handmade tablecloth and a Plexiglass cover....... Needless to say I ordered 2 more dressers so Rodney can set up a second sturdy table for my sewing station....and now I ask myself why I just didn't do this for all 3 tables.  Hindsight, as they say!!!

Moments after the shock of the table falling and my machines crashing,  I saw the blood on my foot...I hadn't felt a thing....  I don't do well with these things, but I managed to get a wet wash cloth to enhance the view of the toe area and I nearly fainted at what I saw.  I really thought I had cut my big toe off,. but it just (just?...did I say JUST?) a very deep gash almost to the bone.  I called my high school friend Bonnie and asked how she felt about blood of others.  She lives close, rushed right over and after she cleaned up my foot a little better she assured me that a butterfly bandage was not going to work, I needed stitches.  So off we went for a 4 hour adventure at a nearby emergency center.  I thought my foot was broken, but Xrays said no (although today the whole foot is in bad pain because of the overall trauma of being slammed into)... the doctor on call warned me that the shots in the toe would be painful.  HA, I snorted, I just had dental surgery and I had 9 shots of Novacane on each side and if I can endure those, well I sure can......
he shook his head and said "these are worse".  How right he was.... and I can tell you that I will never everrrrrrrrrrr forget the pain of those 3 needles going into that toe.  Today, 3 days afterward, my toe looks pretty good despite the 9 stitches, the discoloration, the pain, but my whole body hurts and I am quite sure it is because I had a TBTU (total body tense up) from those blankety-blank shots. 

Here is the toe, nicely bandaged just a few hours after I got back home.  I won't show you the toe in all its glory because it is not a pretty sight.  Still, I am thankful to have my toe.

My dear friend Pat came over yesterday and was enormously helpful in getting my many punches and other crafty goods into the drawers of the workstation, and she helped get some of the beading trays into my closet.  My current closet is fully shelved and fully loaded but all of that will not move into the new room.  I've resigned myself to allow some of the lesser used items stay in the old craft room and if I really need something, it's a hop skip and jump to get it.   Once everything is moved that I want into the new room, once that closet is rearranged nicely, then Rodney will remove the Butcher Block Counter he built for me on the two walls about 20 years back.  Then he will repair the walls from the mounts, he will paint, restore half of that closet to allow for hanging clothes and I will get a bedroom set.  This is my story of the great adventure of July 18th.  My room will be lovely and when finished I will add some photographs of it....this little toe adventure was just a little bump in the road, thankfully.


~JulieH~ said...

Oh Carole you poor thing! Sounds soo painful, make sure you rest that foot up and hope it gets better soon so you can get into your new craft room and create.

Sending big hugs for a speedy recovery

Julie xxx

Sandi said...

oh dear one, that poor toe, me too so glad you did not do it worse. Slowwwwwwwww is the operative word for a while, I keep you in prayers and wait to see your wonderful new area. Hugs

Marjorie said...

OUCH! So sorry!

May you heal quickly.

DonnaMundinger said...

Just so glad you weren't hurt worse and your machines are basically ok. Time for a little R&R, I'd say, Chickie. I'll be directing the organizational fairies your way. HeeHee! (And what, no pic of the blood trail?) xxD

1CardCreator said...

Just glad you survived the "crash"! Things can be replaced, people can't. Take care, no dancing this week, (oh, the doctor already told you that?) lol. Take care my friend!

Glenda said...

So sorry to read of your injury! Hope you are feeling better soon!
Take care and rest up!