Thursday, April 05, 2012

Family and Friends

In March I hosted a Celebration of Life luncheon with family and friends to remember my Uncle Jack who died December 6th. He was much loved, and his passing has left a void in so many lives. Here is our wonderful group... We had a lovely meal, I shared some fun memories and I introduced each family to the group even though most of us were connected through my Uncle. He was cherished. I miss him. That me in blue front row, far left , and my darling daughter in law sits to my right. My son is in the back row, third one from the right.


1CardCreator said...

Lovely photo Carole. Your Uncle Jack was an amazing man, so many friends still there to send him off. Your Celebration of life would have made him happy, I know he is proud of you.

Sandi said...

Carole, what a grand send off for Unc, your organization and little touches I am sure made it even that more special. I am sure there is a twinkle in his eye for you. Hugs

Mona L. Pendleton said...

What a wonderful photo Carole! Surely your Uncle would appreciate you celebrating his life :) How fun to get together with so many friends and family members :) Hope you have a Happy Easter :)