Friday, March 18, 2011

Sewing Frenzy

I take turns making cards, scrapbooking and sewing... Everything is always set up and ready to sit down and take off so that makes life easier for this blessed retired crafter/cardmaker/quilter/scrapbooker kinda gal.

I have tubs of fabric...small pieces that I couldn't bear to toss so those always become scrap totes or quilts or projects... I have a lot of fun too picking up a new fat quarter and creating something. Here are some quick n' easy totes I've made recently.

Quilts are fun and although I am quick to say I am NOT a quilter, I sew these creations together with great delight, using up pieces of left over fabrics, adding new fabrics, embroidery designs, and some rick rack, buttons and embellishments on some. The yellow quiltie (I don't make big quilts, I get bored too fast) is a cute little embroidery designed quilt with fanciful cats and dogs here and there.
The two small quilts on the left are truly scrap quilts. The one on the right was a charm quilt easy to sew the squares together and voila'...a quiltie. I had this one professional quilted on a long arm.
This is a scrap tote and I made this for my design team sister, Theresa Kelly, who likes froggies like I do. I had just this small strip of brightly colored fabric that had lazy frogs floating around on lilypads. I saw that on this strip there also were some cute little dragonflies and I was delighted to find more scrap fabrics covered with dragonflies. I sent it to Theresa and she loves it.
This scrap-tote is created from some of the tiniest pieces of fabrics I had laying around. Bright, isn't it?...this became a birthday gift for my friend Juanita.
One of my faves.... this cute little embroidery cat was sewn into a small table runner...and it was made especially for my design team sister, Donna, who has two of the cutest cats evahhhhhh.
That's just a sprinkling of the creations laying around. I am having fun and like I told my quilter friend Bonnie..."keep the quilt police outta here"....


"Um Buggin" said...

Oh My!! Carole, you have been busy my friend. Love all those cute totes and quilts. You are soooo Amazing!!!

Hugz, xx


Momma's House said...

Nice work..i keep saying im going to get back to my sewing..but this papercrafting has kinda taking over,lol. But this is encouraging me to do it..

1CardCreator said...

Your quilts and totes are almost as amazing as you are! Love them all, you are such a sweet and generous friend, I cherish the tote you made for me, I know they will too. Hugs, ~Diane

Scossie Jane said...

Beautiful totes Carole, the materials are really pretty, and what fabulous colours. You are way tooooo clever... Hugs xx

DonnaMundinger said...

you are the BEST, girlfriend! LOVE my table runner and Jezzie thinks it belongs to her. Well, she IS a spoiled one but then again, so is Goliath! LOL Gorgeous stuff! Thanks again, Carole! xxD

Maria said...

Fabulous creations! But...I have to stop reading before I want to start quilting, LOL!

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Wow! U r so talented..Your son must be proud to have such a creative Mom...Is there anything u can't do? U r Good! Hugs, Krista