Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Sewing Stuff

I have so much fabric and I can't throw away the smallest tidbit of it. Here are a few sewing things...totes with some frogs (left over from the Frog Quilt), totes with dark fabrics and when I was down to a small pile of this, I sew it all together and did one of my fav little teddy bear creations.


Judy said...

OMG Carole, so creative and just fabulous! I especially love the teddy bear. I've got to get back to the sewing you I have so much fabric and lots of scraps.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Simply amazing! Love that frog tote!

eunice said...

Carole, I am totally in awe of all that you do! Your sewing skills are awesome. Did you crochet the fringe on your froggie bag? It's great!

CelticWoman said...

Caorle, those are awesome, hugs, Sandi

Crayola58 said...

Judy, I've just mailed to you the Tea Teddy Bear pattern. I love him/her and whatever fabrics you use, it turns out different each time. Eunice, I do crochet but the trim on the froggie bag is purchased fringe from Hobby Lobby.

michelle said...

Carole i love your totes especially the one with the frog it's adorable !! i am wanting a new sewing machine i am going to go look next week but i have no idea what to get, i also want a serger and oh yes an embroidery machine would be nice lol ! don't think my budget can run that far lol !! what kind of machines do you have ??.
I want to get back into sewing, i havn't done much for the past few years.
wonderful creations my friend