Friday, August 01, 2008

Another Award

Kathy gave me this Wylde Woman award along with some other lovely lovely friends. I am so pleased and I DO love this title. And now I pass it onto: Jeannie, Shelly, Julie, Allison....Holy COW, I have been doubly blessed because Michelle gave me this Stepel Award. I am doing the happy dance....and so please, everyone reading this, please share this Award with me.


shelly said...

awww thank yo so much for the award carole! as i soon as i can figure out how to add it to my blog i will!!! thank you sooooo much and im re-awarding it back to you.. 100 times over! :) hugs shelly

michelle said...

Hi Carole, hope your well !! missed being on the boards and blogging this past few weeks but wanted to let you know i have given you an award on my blog !! hugs !!

Judy said...

Wow! beautiful awards. Congrats