Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tagged Again.

Rima tagged me. Here are 7 things to know about me.
1. I love yarns and fabrics and paper paper paper. I love beads. I have trays of them.
2. I design in my head 24/7. When I am sleeping, I am conjuring up some kind of design for some kind of something...
3. I love my friends. I chain them to me. It's a blessed chain though.
4. I whine when it's cold, I gripe when it's hot. I love April. Except for the allergies which appear. Ahhhchoooo.
5. Not that I am pleased to have the aging face looking back at me in the mirror, I am pleased to be almost 71.
I have many friends who were not given this age.
6. I love my dog Heidi Sweetface, brat that she is. I loved all my dogs...Chappo, the terrier mix given to me by my 6th grade boyfriend, Terry. Sharkie, short for Charcola, the black Cocker Spaniel, my birthday gift at age 14. Noodles, a German Shepard puppy that we kept from our litter. That was not his given name. He was actually named Hobo and it was a silly thing that he ended up being called Noodles. Shondie, my sweet Shondie, a little Cocker/Terrier mix who lived to be 17. Then came my beloved Brigette Marie, a doting, playful, precious Springer Spaniel who lived to be 16 despite her blindness, deafness and diabetes with 2 shots a day. and now...Heidi. A spoiled rotten absolutely hilarious Springer Spaniel who rules this house.
7. I talk too much. As if you didn't know that by #6.
Now...I tag
Okay, my friends, please do the same. Give us 7 things we want to know about you on your blog. It's fun.


Rima said...

Thanks for playing along with the tag!! I love reading them, it lets us know a bit about each other

Regina Easter said...

Oh Carole, thank you so much for thinking of me......You are such a sweetie....I will try my best to get to this.....one day....hugs..

michelle said...

Thanks carole for tagging me great fun !!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You don't talk too much! I love your facts! Heidi sounds like such a sweetheart . . . speaking of sweethearts, I posted photos of my girl today! She was being so cute yesterday!! Take care Carole!

Sharon Caudle said...

I just love you to pieces! :) Thanks for thinking of me and I sure enjoyed reading yours! I'll hopefully get mine done tomorrow! Thanks again Carole!

Anonymous said...
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Crafty Treasures said...

You need a pic of your pup! :)
Love to see her!