Monday, March 03, 2014

What Makes a Sewist Happy?

I try so hard to keep my 2nd spare bedroom all bedroom but I fail miserably.  It has always been, and perhaps always will be, a holding station for stacks of projects...some in process, most completed.  Recently my friend Jean from Prescott brought down 22 big tubs of fabrics of all kinds, all measurements from a closed art/fabric shop.  It took 2 cars to bring the tubs here, and once unloaded, the second car left and Jean and I began the process of going through each tub crammed with fabrics to see which pieces I could use.  I ended up with 42 bags of fabrics.  It took me 6 days to sit and inspect each piece, to open the piece up and make sure nothing was snipped from the center or spot.  I squared up each piece and stacked and stacked AND stacked the fabrics..  Eventually the stacks, sorted by colors, were put on a shelf unit in the spare bedroom closet, and the larger pieces (which I can use for much needed quilt backings) were put into a tub and a rolling 3 drawer plastic dresser.  Ten tubs were left behind that could not fit in Jean's car for her return trip, and those fabrics were given to my friends who also do charity sewing...I am in what any sewist would call "a Fabric induced delight".   My friend Jean operates a much needed business in Prescott to help out homeless veterans so it was an easy thing for me to say "I will sew quilts for them".  Some live in the forest, some live in their cars, and I will love being able to donate some warm covers to each.  

Stacks and Stacks and Stacks

 A few of the totes I've made. Some are adorned with embroidery.  These can be sold to raise needed funds.  And they are such fun to create.

Three quilts are out for longarming by my friend Yvonne....and I have 4 quilt tops "in the hopper" waiting to be added onto and ultimately ready for longarm quilting.  And many many more quilts are wandering around in my creative eye.  I am a happy quilter/sewist.  I have to chuckle when I refer to myself as a "sewist".  At long last someone decided that referring to "us" as sewers should be dismantled.  I mean look at that word.  At least it should have been sew-ers so we don't like like a bunch of underground holding tanks.  Donchathink?


1CardCreator said...

Beautiful things you do and make for those fortunate Veterans. Your heart is so big I don't know how it can fit inside you dear! ~Diane

mickeydee said...

WOW, you hit the fabric mother load!I cant think of anyone more deserving of all of this fabric. You will put it to good use. Looking forward to see all of your creations. You have a heart of gold........dianne

Stephanie said...

You must feel like you are in heaven. I know all your work will be so appreciated. You really have a true giving spirit.

Sandi said...

oh my dear friend, what a haul, what wonderful gift you will be able to share, bless you, hugs

Yvonne said...

Wow, Carole you really did keep a lot of fabric. Now I don't want to see you in the fabric stores. ;D