Monday, March 25, 2013

Sewing For Giving

When my son went to college, I took a second job at a fabric store near my house.  I worked all day at a mortgage company, rushed home, fed the dog, changed into slacks and a tee shirts and headed for a delightful store full of fabrics.  It was a moment to moment inspiration as I cut each fabric for the customers.  I was home by 9:30, sewing by 10:00 and forced myself to quit so I could get the rest for the work the next day.  I was paid $1.10 an hour which was scale back then, and in retrospect, I paid them to work there.  I worked 3 days a week from 6PM to 9:00, all day Saturday and noon til 5PM on Sunday and I think everytime I left the store, I was carrying a bag of delightful fabrics. This was 2-1/2 years of buying in 1987-1989.  I think I still have some of that fabric in tubs...  I am the proverbial ole' lady who has the bumper sticker that says "she who dies with the most fabric, WINS". (I need a bumper sticker for paper addiction as well). 
I sew willy nilly things... my favorite description for picking up a cut of fabrics and on the spot deciding what I wanted to sew with it.  Now, at long last, I have another "cause" which is a delightful place called Lucy Anne's Place. This is an Adult Day Care Center in the conclave of Benevilla in Sun City West.  I sew, they take it.  How much better could that be?...  They have little games, Bingo, and daily activities that allow a drawing for a winner.  And now they have a big tub of "things" to chose from that I have donated.  
Below are some bibs I just made for my high school friend who had a stoke.  Her towel bibs are now replaced with bright and colorful bibs from me.  
 I love making Tissue Cozies.  It takes only a little 6x9 cut of fabric, a little rickrack or buttons or decorations to make a cozy.  All of my friends have them in their purses because I love using up little scraps of fabric that I simply cannot toss out. This batch goes to Lucy Anne's place, as well as the projects below.
Below you see  Eyeglass cases and one little pouch.  I love the little felt red flower that I added.  Long ago I did a lot of little whatnots with felt so now I make felt flowers.  I have tubs of rick racks and ribbons and the little sewing projects easily use up that stash ...
 Here you see some cell phone purses.  And little felt flowers I cut using one of my Sizzix die cuts.
 More Napkins.  I am told they can always use as many as they can get.  I try to make the napkins in a finished size of 16x16 but if I have less fabric, I make whatever size that is still decent.  A great way to use up fabrics not of quilting quality.  I found a wonderful easy way to miter the napkin corners so the finished napkin looks pretty nice.
Thanks for wandering through my sewing adventures.  Soon I hope I have a few cards to upload.


Stephanie said...

You have been so busy, Carole. How nice that so many get to appreciate your efforts. All your projects are so bright and cheerful. I think you already have angel wings. You truly are a giving person.

Anonymous said...

WOW Carole! Such wonderful things you are doing and all for a great cause. The fabrics are so cheerful and I'm sure will lighten up any room :) I still have a red tissue cozy in my bag. Keeps those little tissues from getting smooshed and all torn up :)

DonnaMundinger said...

You are the best, Carole! My Dad spent quite a bit of time in adult day care when he lived with us and always enjoyed bringing home "prizes". I've got my tissue cozy in my bag too. xxD

Brenda said...

Wow Carole, you are simply amazing my friend! How wonderful that you found a place that needs and can use all of your fabulous designs! I am loving the tissue cozies, and how wonderful those bibs are! You are such a giving person so I am thinking that you much have angel wings!! Hugs!!