Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gifties

Each year at Valentine's Day I take some gifties to my friends at my former office. They are my forever cherished ones. I saw the most awesome candy wrapper by my dear friend Sandi Kelly and try as I might, I could not duplicate the beautiful flower she created for her candy wrapper. I made 3 wrappers and just took on a simple Valentine design for each. I created the paper by typing sentiments in different fonts and I found that one sheet of 8-1/2x11 would create a cover for two candy bars. I added some MS punch edges, a few hearts, a ribbon and a jewel to each. I love the design and they will have to deal with all those lovely calories beneath the papers. The initials are from Cindy Loo.... this is one of my fave letterings.
This shows some of the candy bars, a small gift card folder that will accept a Starbucks gift card for my friend Gay. Each of my friends will get a ribbon string of hearts. I've tossed in 3 little bookmarks too.
This is Gay's birthday card. The hat (from Doodlecharms) and it sits above the card edge. I will have to get one of the larger envelopes to put the card in.
I can't wait until Tuesday to take my gifties into my friends.


"Um Buggin" said...

Oh Carole! These are just adorable my friend. I am sure your friends will love them. You are always so thoughtful! Happy Valentine Day to you too.

Hugz, xoxo


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty bunch, Carole! You have such an eye for putting it all together! Everyone is so lucky to be a friend of Carole's! :)

G8country life said...

That is a wonderful idea. Your so creative. Elisa

MsJay said...

Very nice.

Sandi said...

Carole, great job on the candy bars perfect for V sharing and I am sure that they will be carefully dewrapped and enjoyed more than once. Hugs

1CardCreator said...

You are such a sweet and giving friend Carole. I know your friends will adore these beautiful gifts so beautifully packaged!