Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun Fun Card Over

My friends and followers know that twice a year I have the absolute delight of meeting up with my bloggy and card-creating friends from Tucson. They come to Glendale at the beginning of each year, and I drive to Tucson mid-summer. This year our companion card maker, Deb, was unable to attend, but Sandy and Kris arrived eager to hit the paper stacks. These two gals make the most wonderful cards. Visit the blog of Kris and you will see some delightful creations. See Kris here. This is the living room set up. My table is on another side of the room but I can tell you we end up with paths to come and go. The room is full of tubs of papers, stacks of embellishments and pencils, and all that is necessary for fun and creativity. My sweet aged dog Heidi Sweetface had a wonderful time schmoozing Kris and Sandy who have sweet little fur babies they love as much as I love Heidi. After the gals left on Sunday, Heidi crashed and snored for hours. It takes a lot out of a 14 year old doggy to constantly be in the limelight for attention, a lot of noggin pats and cookies, ya know.

I usually am well prepared for the marathon, and I've been known to crank out 82 cards in that 2-1/2 day weekend. That is because I have a box of pre-folded cardstock all ready to create a card, and I've slipped in paper cuts, sentiments and embellishments so it's all a process of slamming the cards together. This time I worked on a card order and I worked with a more care in the assembly. Here is a section of cards.
I think I had something like 17 Thinking of You, 9 Birthday, 2 Thank You and 4 Get Well cards.
Some of the sentiments are Cricut created, some are rubber stamps and a few have the most wonderful Cutting Cafe sentiments.
Here's some more...
Thanks for taking a peek at my weekend fun.... And I hope your week is going perfectly.


DonnaMundinger said...

Okay, lady! Officially I can see you had WAY too much FUN! Amazing you can crank the cards out like that! Way to go, they're all so beautiful! xxD

1CardCreator said...

Wow, what a fun time, wish I was there. The cards you cranked out are totally awesome! You and Heidi deserve some rest. hugs, Diane

"Um Buggin" said...

Wowser Carole, I must say 80+ cards? You must have had an assembly line going, lol. I am glad you had a fun time, now get some rest my friend.

Hugz, xx


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, girl! You make me dizzy! I love those gatefold cards you've been making! Maybe you can just Photoshop me into those pictures and it would be just like I was there! LOL!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh gosh, Carole, this creative weekend with your friends sounded so fun. You're so lucky to be able to have "play dates" like that. I'm jealous!!!...I'm in awe of the all the beautiful cards you created. I couldn't have done that in a year!...Give some pets to Heidi Sweetface for me! xo Paulette :D

Maria said...

This sounds like SO much fun! What a great group of cards!
Maria :)

ddchili said...

Great cards Carole, I thought of you girls often. I am always amazed at how many you create in a weekend.
I look forward to this summer.